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Not-for-Profit Support

How we support NFPs across Australia

About us

Each year, Australian Communities Foundation supports hundreds of nonprofit organisations working across the country. As a national community foundation, we are a collective of givers united by a shared vision for a fairer and more sustainable Australia. Learn more

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Community members helping with flood recovery in the Northern Rivers region. Photograph: Mark Kriedermann / Northern Rivers Community Foundation.

What we fund

In 2022/23, our giving community distributed 1,156 grants to 698 organisations and individuals, totalling $37.4 million.

While the majority of our grants are advised by Named Fund holders, we also make grants through our flagship funds, the Impact Fund and National Crisis Response Fund, and run open grant rounds on behalf of our clients.

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Apply for funding

Submit a funding proposal

Upload a proposal to our Granting Opportunities platform – a key resource for donors in our community looking for current funding opportunities.

Explore grant rounds

We work with clients and funding partners on several open grant rounds throughout the year. Explore current, upcoming and previous grant rounds.

Streamlined grants

At Australian Communities Foundation, we’re committed to minimising administration for our Grant Partners.

Our online Grant Partner Portal provides one central place for you to complete grant agreements and keep track of grants received, including grants with multiple instalments.

If your organisation has been nominated to receive a grant, our Grant Partner Toolkit will take you through everything you need to know about receiving and reporting on your grant.

Open a Future Fund

Establishing a Future Fund is an easy, tax-effective and strategic way for not-for-profit organisations to develop their long-term sustainability.

With a low-cost fee structure, a Future Fund enables you to build an endowment for a not-for-profit organisation. You gain access to our fundraising and donation infrastructure, and can enjoy greater returns than a bank account through our pooled ethical investments.

Not-for-profit organisation WithOneSeed uses a Future Fund to build long-term sustainability for its community-led forestry program in Timor-Leste.

Frequently asked questions

What do you fund? How do I apply for funding?

Most grants distributed by Australian Communities Foundation are advised by our community of funds and foundations, each of which supports organisations aligned with its interest areas. Together, we support organisations across almost every cause area on our shared journey towards a fairer and more sustainable Australia. Many funders in our giving community make grants via our Granting Opportunities platform, where charities can upload funding proposals. Learn more and submit a funding proposal here.

The Foundation also runs several open grant rounds throughout the year on behalf of clients and funding partners. You can explore grant rounds to see if there’s an opportunity your organisation is eligible for here.

Australian Communities Foundation also makes grants through our two flagship funds for collective giving, the Impact Fund and the National Crisis Response Fund.

View recent grants from our community here.

Do I need to have DGR1 status to receive a grant or apply for funding?

While most funds and foundations in our community can only give to DGR1 organisations, several can give more broadly to any charitable organisation.

Any charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission is eligible to submit a funding proposal for our Granting Opportunities platform. If your organisation does not have DGR1 status and you would like to broaden the appeal of your funding proposal to all funds and foundations, you are welcome to organise an auspice arrangement. Learn more about auspicing here.

Most, but not all, open grant rounds require DGR1 status.

How often do you process grants?

Fortnightly. Grants are paid every second Wednesday.

What are the benefits of a Future Fund?

Establishing a Future Fund at Australian Communities Foundation is an easy, tax-effective and strategic way for not-for-profit organisations to develop their long-term sustainability.

Organisations that open a Future Fund enjoy the following benefits and more:

  • Ethical investing: Build an endowment for your organisation through our pooled ethical investments, where your savings will do good in the community.
  • Fundraising and donation infrastructure: Accept tax-deductible donations via a form integrated with your website or a custom donation page on our online portal, where you can have your own custom donation page. 
  • Flexible access: Access your Future Fund assets for any purpose, including operational costs. You can continue to build your endowment in perpetuity or choose to draw down the funds over time.
  • Low fees: Future Funds attract a low operating fee of 1.2% for amounts under $1 million, and tiered thereafter. The investment management fee is assessed monthly, ranging from 0.34% to 0.36%.
  • All the benefits of our community: When you open a fund, you gain access to all the benefits of joining our community, including events and networking opportunities with givers across Australia, and use of the Community of Giving space in East Melbourne.

Learn more

I’m looking to start a charity – can you help?

Australian Communities Foundation cannot provide legal advice about setting up a not-for-profit organisation. For information and free advice see Justice Connect’s Not-for-profit Law Hub and the ACNC website.