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Funds & Foundations

Explore our community of over 380 funds and foundations below and filter by area of interest or type of fund. Support a fund currently accepting public donations by following the ‘Support this fund’ link.

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Gumnut Accounts

We help people start their journey towards giving with our easy and accessible Gumnut Accounts.


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B Good Fund

Barkla Carter Account

C&F Darcas Fund

Century 22 Fund

Colledan & McNaught Fund

Creative Native Indigenous Food Fund

Helen’s Secret Wish

Higher Ground

Kimberley Youth Fund

Kokopelli Knights

Lexie’s Fund

M L Jones

Murray River Trails

Nelsue Future Fund

Persic and Gleeson Gumnut

Ross Family Giving Fund


Stan Willis Fund

Stingray Fund

The Freetown Fund

The Illuminate Fund

The Lana Wilson Memorial Fund

The Orchards Fund

Thompson-Lobb Family Fund

William Birch Australian Biodiversity Fund

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