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Heart Futures

The LoveYa Project -

Hello. We are Heart Futures Limited. We are a small Indigenous non-profit organisation with big dreams.

OUR VISION: We imagine our country unified & reconciled, where Indigenous & non-Indigenous change makers are culturally strong, creatively significant & commercially savvy.

Culturally Strong – We are culturally strong when we define and know our identity and purpose serving others and taking responsibility for our choices.
Creatively Significant – We are creatively significant as we create positive change and share our gifts, talents and passions with the world.
Commercially Savvy – We are commercially savvy as we realise our economic potential in order to be a generous people who are able to help others in need.

OUR MISSION: We are dedicated to reconciliation, providing Indigenous and non Indigenous Australians equal opportunity to access food & education so that they can create a vision for their future that sparks joy.

HOW WE DO IT: We do it by creating experiences, programs and connection points through cultural, creative & commercial ventures using food, education, arts and get-togethers.

As a small social enterprise, striving to create inter-generational change in the lives of young Australians, we believe in a world where our current and future leaders, Indigenous & non-Indigenous know that, they are loved, they matter, they belong, they have a purpose and a hope for a future.

We help Indigenous and non-Indigenous people:
+ Launch their ideas into action,
+ Unleash their potential,
+ Empower them to make a difference in their world &
+ Provide training in accredited courses at the certificate level.

Legally speaking we are an Indigenous registered charity with Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) and Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status.

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Project Details

Postcode where activity will take place: 4220

Start Date: 28/02/2019

End Date: 28/02/2020

Target Population:

  • Indigenous Australians
  • Social and economic status > Immigrants and migrants

Field of Interest:

  • Human services > Basic and emergency aid
  • Community and economic development > Community development

Project Summary:

The LoveYa Project provides fresh, nutritious and much needed yummy meals for Australians facing disadvantage. For too many families, poverty is real and connecting at the dinner table is a distant memory. The LoveYa Project is on a mission to change that. We will support those facing homelessness and families in need with healthy, free and delicious meals for dinner.

We have partnered with Coles and Secondbite to help our community. Thanks to this partnership we rescue edible, nutritious food that was heading for landfill and give it to people in need, free of charge. We also pick up food once a week from the Secondbite warehouse which includes high quality meat and vegetables.

We have access to a fully licensed cafe/kitchen on a commercial basis and a 12 skilled volunteers with experience in hospitality and food preparation.
We also have access to a truck and trailer. What we need support with is:
- Fuel
- Costs for kitchen hire
- Consumables for items that are not donated: eg pantry items, containers etc

Project Outcomes:

We want to achieve supporting 300 people in 3 months with healthy delicious cooked meals. Breaking down the numbers this will be:
100 people per month.
25 people per week.
Approximately 7 families and 4-5 homeless people per week.

Out of those 300, we would like to train 30 people in hospitality through our partnership with the Australian Skills and Management Institute who offer a range of certificates in hospitality.
We would like to engage these people to, in due course help prepare meals for others in need, based on a pay it forward model.

Budget Details

Total Budget: $12,000


Income item Price ($)
Grant 12000


Expense item Price ($)
Fuel 2000
Pantry Items not able to be donated 4000
3 month Kitchen hire 6000

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