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Outback Theatre for Young People
16 Cressy Street
Deniliquin, NSW, 2710

Small Towns – Big Ideas -

Outback Theatre for Young People (OTYP) is the only professional youth arts organization in South West NSW. Located 300km from Melbourne and 730km from Sydney, the people that live within our 30,000km square regional jurisdiction have limited access (if any) to quality arts opportunities. Therefore, we are uniquely placed to provide rural and regional young people with access to professional arts experiences that are developed in their communities, for their communities.

Since 1989, we have been delivering successful, meaningful and affirming outcomes with and for small communities across an expansive regional footprint. Our home communities extend across the NSW Southern Riverina and are separated by hundreds of kilometers of bush and farmland and have limited access to permanent, local arts infrastructure.

We value the telling of rural stories, by rural young people, for rural communities, that this context provides.

Our vision is to ensure distance doesn’t culturally starve young people.

Our purpose is to empower young people living in regional, remote or rural areas to develop creative skills, find their place, and explore stories that are important to them.

We do this through long-term and high quality arts experiences tailored to the regions we live and work in.

Our company goals are:
• To champion young people in everything we do
• To develop relevant, authentic, diverse and innovative arts projects which reflect and connect our people, our cultural traditions, and our places
• To manage and grow existing relationships and partnerships and seek opportunities for future collaborations
• To ensure viability and sustainability through effective, efficient and adaptive governance and management

Our projects provide rural young people with opportunities for ongoing and embedded involvement in, and exposure to, innovative arts practice in their hometowns, at no cost to the participants. OTYP’s reputation and relationship with other high-profile arts companies enables us to broker opportunities that are not readily available in the small towns in which our young people live.

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Project Details

Postcode where activity will take place:

Start Date: 07/01/2019

End Date: 13/05/2019

Target Population:

  • Age Groups > Youth (6-25)
  • Living environment > Rural/regional dwellers

Field of Interest:

  • Arts and culture > Performing arts
  • Human services > Youth development

Project Summary:

OTYP works to identify young people as cultural leaders in their communities and provide pathways and support to nurture their growth. We encourage young people’s fiery sense of their own creativity and ownership, and allow them to experience artistic, technical and management roles within our projects. They are mentored and work alongside professional artists and experts in their fields.

OTYP’s process is the most important part of our organization and our artistic activity. Our process of community arts engagement, developed over 30 years, is specific to our context, resulting in sustained and embedded outcomes that are tailored to each community.

Our vision for the future is to continue our best practice model of engagement with often isolated communities, and the young people that live there. We refine, adapt and learn from everything we do, and listen to the young people and communities where we work. We continue to strengthen our methods of evaluation, work with the best artists, and create works that reflect the unique voice of remote Australia.


This capacity building project aim to strengthen the organisation by investing in the core competencies of business and operational planning, management capacity and operational infrastructure. This support intends to enhance the ability of an organisation to operate more effectively, secure the resources for authentic project delivery and deepen the experiences for young people in the regions.

We need to:
• GROW capacity to deliver identified community needs
• BUILD organizational capacity through an increase in employment hours in the areas of development, administration, marketing and project management, focusing on diversifying income streams for long-term sustainability and leveraging government, community, philanthropic and in-kind support
• EXPAND opportunities to deliver more projects, in more regional and remote areas, ensuring there are more ways for young people and audiences to connect, more often
• INCREASE project partnerships that support First Nations young people in regional areas to practice and experience their culture, ensuring inter-generational transfer of artistic and cultural knowledge, and support this through company RAP and diversity programs
• ENABLE the highest quality creative processes to connect communities and increase empathy, understanding and social cohesion through art
• STRENGTHEN evaluative processes with research to better articulate impact/success metrics
• DIVERSIFY income streams to enable sustainability and stability

Project Outcomes:

We aim to:
• REACH more young people to combat the identified needs that currently outweighs capacity, through the resourcing of identified projects that currently cannot proceed - unfunded projects means young people miss out
• PROVIDE more sustained project and artist engagement with communities so projects last longer and cater for more young people’s involvement, to ensure arts and creativity are valued and regional young people do not get left behind
• ENGAGE more regional artists and art workers providing ongoing local employment opportunities for our region
• DELIVER high-level outcomes addressing priority areas (youth, regional, First Nations, young people with a disability), and
• GUARANTEE the delivery of high quality arts experiences, from inception to completion, for young people in remote areas

We are the only organization doing what we do, where we do it and all of our work contributes to vibrant, diverse and courageous Performing Arts in Australia.

OTYP is a vital cultural institution for regional Australia and the local regions it serves. We ensure young people in regional Australia, and their communities, are afforded quality arts experiences that may not otherwise be afforded.

We conduct rich evaluation with all parties throughout the process, in order to establish the effectiveness and authenticity of the work. At each project phase, all stakeholders and community members gather to assess KPIs, sustainability and next steps. Evaluative consolidation ensures critical conversations regarding project benefits, ongoing community partnerships, and life beyond the project. We measure the intrinsic, instrumental and institutional value of our work, and the impact on our communities and young people, using a range of tools appropriate to project context. This helps to identify success measures against project goals. OTYP envisages that greater investment in best-practice research will ensure OTYP leads in this area. We are uniquely positioned, as a professional youth arts organisation in the regions, and want to enrich our communities and the sector widely.

Budget Details

Total Budget: $17,000


Income item Price ($)
ACF Donors contribution to OTYP 17000


Expense item Price ($)
Creative Producer 6000
Community Producer 6000
Transport – travel to remote communities across our jurisdiction (30,000 square km) 2000
Catering and consumables 1000
Marketing, promotions, on costs, insurances and administration 2000

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