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Telethon Speech & Hearing Ltd.
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Clontarf Aboriginal College Ear Health Program-Supporting Aboriginal children to hear -

Telethon Speech & Hearing is an independent, Western Australian based charity that started in 1967. Our mission is to support children with hearing loss and speech/language difficulties; helping them to hear, speak, learn and play. Today we are a multifaceted not-for-profit organisation that seeks to address hearing and speech related issues for the children and families we support using an integrated service delivery approach. Across Western Australia we deliver early intervention, education, therapy services, ear health support for thousands of Western Australians each year, along with professional development for teachers, health professionals and parents. Our efforts in the rural Pilbara communities of WA have seen us become the original ear bus service and develop the only mobile service that can reliably test Aboriginal children under the age of 4.

Our core focuses include:
– Supporting at risk Aboriginal children in the Perth metro, Pilbara and Wheatbelt communities via our mobile ear health services
– Early intervention hearing and speech/language support for children aged 0-5 years via our integrated play based model
– School support for primary and high school students with a hearing impairment
– Paediatric Audiology and speech pathology therapy

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Project Details

Postcode where activity will take place: 6152

Start Date: 04/01/2019

End Date: 08/01/2020

Target Population:

  • Indigenous Australians > Indigenous Australians

Field of Interest:

  • Health > Diseases and conditions

Project Summary:

Otitis media (glue ear) is one of the most common medical issues affecting Aboriginal children. Aboriginal children are ten times more likely to have an ear disease than non-Aboriginal children, placing them at a greater risk of experiencing speech and language developmental delays, along with long term impacts such as poor academic performance at school, social exclusion, unemployment and incarceration. To highlight the severity of undiagnosed glue ear, a recent study showed that 94% of Aboriginal, incarcerated males in the Northern Territory had a hearing loss.

Telethon Speech & Hearing will collaborate with the Western Australian based Clontarf Aboriginal College to ensure no Aboriginal student is impacted by chronic middle ear conditions. The proposed, year long Ear Health program will deliver an integrated screening-testing-surgical model to screen over 100 Aboriginal students for glue ear. Students who have been diagnosed with a middle ear condition will be monitored by Telethon Speech & Hearing's team of Paediatric Audiologists and, where necessary, triaged to a local Ear Nose Throat specialist for surgical intervention. Operating in parallel to the ear health program will be a series of educational workshops that will build staff and parent capacity while facilitating improved preventative techniques that can be implemented at home and in the classroom.

Project Outcomes:

The Clontarf Aboriginal College Ear Health program will:
- Identify Aboriginal students who have middle ear conditions
- Assist student's and their families with surgical intervention to resolve chronic middle ear conditions
- Provide on-going surveillance and monitor at risk Aboriginal students to prevent recurrent glue ear
- Build capacity in college staff and parents through educational resources and workshops; ensuring healthy ears preventative techniques are implemented at home

Telethon Speech & Hearing will implement a series of enabler, output and outcome measures to monitor the effectiveness of the Ear Health program. These include:

Enabler Measures:
- # of college staff trained
- # of hours of training for college staff
- # of a parents trained
- # of hours of educational workshops and training sessions for parents

- # of Aboriginal students initially screened
- # of Aboriginal students who require follow-up screening
- # of Aboriginal students who require full audiology assessments
- # of Aboriginal students referred for medical intervention

- Lower prevalence of otitis media (as a % of Aboriginal students screened)
- Improved engagement and focus in the classroom
- Streamlined access to medical intervention thus alleviating long surgical wait-lists

Budget Details

Total Budget: $20,538


Income item Price ($)
Confirmed (Telethon Speech & Hearing) 5,538
Unconfirmed (ACF) 15,000


Expense item Price ($)
Audiological Screening and Assessments 19,423
Educational Resources and Workshops 1,115

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