Recipients of Philanthropy Australia Indigneous Award – B.B. & A. Miller Fund, Williams Fund & Woor Dungin representatives

The Woor-Dungin Criminal Record Discrimination Project (CRDP), an Aboriginal-led collaboration between community and legal organisations, B B & A Miller Fund and Williams Fund (both sub funds of ACF) received the Philanthropy Australia 2018 Indigenous Philanthropy Award presented at the Sydney Opera House.

The Criminal Record Discrimination Project seeks to reduce the negative impacts Aboriginal Victorians face as a result of the unregulated disclosure of, and inappropriate reliance on, old and irrelevant criminal history.

“This issue has affected and is still affecting Indigenous peoples because it stops us from being a valuable community member and participating in the many jobs required to function as a community,” said Wenzel Carter, Woor-Dungin Aboriginal Cultural Support Worker and Yawal Mugadjina Cultural Mentoring Program, Respected Community Member.

Maree Sidey, CEO of the Australian Communities Foundation said it was the positive relationship between Woor-Dungin and philanthropic funders that helped secure funding for the ground-breaking project.

“The Woor-Dungin Criminal Record Discrimination Project exemplifies how a strong partnership between an Aboriginal-led community organisation and a philanthropic organisation can have a real impact on social justice outcomes for Aboriginal people,” Sidey said.

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