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Biolinks Alliance

Saving Hero Trees

Saving Hero Trees

Large Old Trees are the superheros of our landscape. They provide habitat and food sources for threatened fauna and they are vital landscape connectors. Unfor...



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01/07/2020 > 01/07/2023


  • Safeguarding the Environment - Conservation and biodiversity
  • Safeguarding the Environment


  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Peoples
  • General population


Large Old Trees are the superheros of our landscape. They provide habitat and food sources for threatened fauna and they are vital landscape connectors. Unfortunately most have already been wiped out, but those that remain are often surviving under enormous stress and gradually dying back and only rarely allowed to regenerate.

However, because it takes hundreds of years to replace these trees in terms of ecological values, landscapes continue to decline and become less hospitable for once widespread and common birds, mammals, reptiles and even amphibians.

This project will raise the profile of, and empower the community to protect, large old native trees (including Grey Box – Eucalyptus microcarpa, Yellow Gum – E. melliodora, Red Iron Bark – E.sideroxylon) in the Heathcote region. It will implement a citizen science mapping and monitoring program, hold an educational field day, provide ecological consultations to land holders and implement conservation measures, such as improved moisture retention, improved grazing practices, fencing, specialist arborist-pruning on at least 50 significant large old trees.


The project will result in an engaged and empowered local community with knowledge of the importance of Large Old Trees and how to protect them, the protection of at least 50 significant large old trees and a community-owned action plan for on-going old tree protection works in the region.

The citizen science mapping program developed through this project will provide a register of significant old trees in the Heathcote region and a means for ongoing monitoring of their health.

The Large Old Tree project is one of three pilot ecological restoration pilot projects being developed with the Heathcote community (2020-22) as part a collaborative " Local to Landscape" plan for ecological restoration of the Heathcote region.

The outcomes from the first year of this project will provide the basis for it to be an ongoing tree protection project in the Heathcote region. In addition, the tools, communications materials and learning from it will be shared with other community environment groups in the Biolinks Alliance, supporting greater Large Old Tree conservation efforts through wider central Victoria.

Profile of Biolinks Alliance

Biolinks Alliance

The Biolinks Alliance was formed in 2010 by community conservation groups in Central Victoria in recognition that in order to halt environmental and species decline in Victoria, large-scale landscape restoration was necessary. This scale of work would require coordination of effort, knowledge as well as new and innovative approaches.
The Alliance is currently comprised of 18 member landcare networks, conservation management networks and environment groups extending from the Grampians across to the Australian Alps and from the Dividing Ranges to the Murray River.

Biolinks Alliance has identified a unique role for itself as a capacity and partnership building organisation that will ensure that the significant momentum there is for community-driven conservation on public and private land in Central Victoria is supported, coordinated and amplified.


Funding sourceAmount
Private Donor$5,000
Ross Trust$10,000
Commonwealth Gov Community Environment grant$25,000
Funding gap (unconfirmed)$15,000
Expense itemAmount
LOT mapping & assessment, including individual landholder ecological-consultations.$10,000
Protection of 50 key LOTS (landholder stewardship payments) av $400 per tree.$20,000
Hero Tree citizen science program including broad promotion of LOT values to wider - community$15,000
LOT Protection workshop$5,000
Project strategy (Years 2 and 3) to meet landscape objectives$5,000

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