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Collaboration for Impact



Every year we join with others to convene ChangeFest – the national celebration of place-based change. ChangeFest is the annual gathering of a growing m...

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08/06/2021 > 10/06/2021


  • Community & economic development
  • Civic engagement & leadership


  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Peoples
  • People experiencing socio-economic disadvantage or vulnerability


Every year we join with others to convene ChangeFest – the national celebration of place-based change. ChangeFest is the annual gathering of a growing movement of communities who are committed to addressing disadvantage by amplifying community voices, walking together with and taking direction from First Nations people and addressing the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

Each event is guided by the local hosts and attracts about 600 participants, in person and online, from across Australia. They will share, inspire, determine and progress a future where communities are empowered, and where poverty and disadvantage are reduced and eliminated from the ground up.

This year ChangeFest is in Palmerston, NT, hosted by the Palmerston Indigenous Network (PIN) with support from more than 40 individuals and organisations from across NT who have come together over the last 6 months to co-design the gathering.

Over the 3 days, participants will learn, share and advance how to:
– Shift the balance of power and responsibility to communities
– Build and implement shared goals and solutions that are tailored to local needs
– Improved whole-of-life outcomes for whole communities
– Take a systems change approach to place-based change
– Strengthen connections between community-led, place-based change and broader system-level change
– Contribute to positives changes for communities in the NT and help build a movement for community-led change across Australia which leads, over time, to improved economic, social and environmental outcomes at scale.

ChangeFest are seeking funding 4x $10,000 contributions from ACF funders for the following:

  • First Nation participation 
  • bus hire to transport participants between ChangeFest venues  (as an example of something we find hard to raise funds for)
  • contribution to the salary of the ChangeFest First Nations Co-Director


ChangeFest is where communities come to learn how to shift the conditions holding disadvantage in place. Communities, services providers, policy makers, philanthropists, businesses and researchers will:
- understand how community-led, place-based change happens
- be more aware, skilled and confident to walk together with and take direction from First Nations people
- be more aware, skilled and confident to take up their role in community-led, place-based change
- be more aware of their power and how they can use it in support of community-led, place-based change
- understand how systems change happens and how community-led, place-based work can influence national agendas for change
- experience being fully immersed in space that is co-led by First Nations and other multicultural Australians that is focused singularly learning about and celebrating community-led, place-based change.

Profile of Collaboration for Impact

Collaboration for Impact

Collaboration for Impact has a vision is for an equitable and inclusive society where people, places and planet thrive. We believe in a society that is able to solve complex challenges, seize opportunities and thrive, with communities at the centre of the decisions that affect them. We believe in a society that acknowledges and values the resilience, knowledge, wisdom and teachings of the oldest living culture on the planet.

We are helping create this future by:
1. Increasing the capacity of changemakers to think and act systemically;
2. Building collaborative capacity to address Australia’s unreconciled history of colonisation;
3. Building a powerful movement of people able to change systems and drive large-scale impact.

We work with communities, government, philanthropy and anyone tackling big problems by shifting the conditions holding complex challenges in place.


TOTAL BUDGET: $390,000
Funding sourceAmount
Federal Government Departments (3)$80,000
Territory Government Department (1)$15,000
Local Government (1)$5,000
Philanthropic supporters (2)$50,000
Philanthropic supports$90,000
Ticket Sales$110,000
Funding gap (unconfirmed)$40,000
Expense itemAmount
ChangeFest Directors (co-led)$140,000
Insurances, audit and admin$22,000
Venue, staging & catering$65,000
Speakers & facilitators$40,000
Community, ceremony & transport$65,000
Marketing, tickets and print$16,500
Sustainability offsets$3,500

Support ChangeFest21

Got a question about this project or ready to contribute? Contact our Philanthropy & Impact Team.


As a broker of change, we invite social change initiatives to apply for funding. Eligible proposals are shared with our giving community via our Granting Opportunities directory.