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Human and Hope Association Inc

Agriculture Training in Cambodia

Agriculture Training in Cambodia

The Home Food Garden Project will support 100 families experiencing food insecurity in Kaev Poar Commune in rural Siem Reap, Cambodia. All are experiencing fo...

01/11/2021 > 28/02/2022


  • International aid & development
  • Community & economic development


  • People experiencing socio-economic disadvantage or vulnerability
  • Unemployed people


The Home Food Garden Project will support 100 families experiencing food insecurity in Kaev Poar Commune in rural Siem Reap, Cambodia. All are experiencing food insecurity, with the majority having at least one family member who lost their job as a direct result of COVID-19.

The goal of the Home Food Garden Project is to provide these families with hands-on training, mentoring, seeds, fertiliser and resources, enabling them to establish food production using their existing land.

This project will be implemented by our program partner (HHA’s) local Project Coordinators, who will conduct hands-on training and mentoring to launch their own gardens. The families will receive recycled containers and wood to build their own vegetable beds, maximising their limited land.

The training course includes:

– COVID-19 preventive activities/actions
– the importance of using natural resources to grow vegetables as opposed to dangerous chemicals, commonly used in Cambodia
– how to choose the right vegetables for their land
– the techniques of growing vegetables
– how to make their own fertiliser and
– how to prevent domestic and family violence.

The selected families will sign an agreement for their commitment to establish their home garden. After the completion of the training, the Project Coordinators will continue to mentor the families informally for four months. This ongoing support is key to establishing sustainable and long-term food security.

All resources will be purchased from small businesses in the Kaev Poar community, injecting much-needed funds into their hard-hit economy.


The goal of the Home Food Garden Project is to support 100 families impacted by COVID-19 in Kaev Poar Commune of rural Siem Reap, teaching them how to produce vegetables for their consumption and as a source of income. with establishing food production.

The expected short-term outcomes are:
- 100 families will complete the Home Food Garden Project course
- 100% of participants increase their knowledge about basic chemical-free farming
- 100% of participants have access to the required resource to establish their home gardens
- 100 families have improved nutrition
- 50% of participants will increase their income by 50% within a month of establishing their gardens
- 90% of participants will reduce their household debt by 10%

The expected long-term outcomes are:
- The alleviation of food insecurity for 100 families
- Improved nutrition, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of children under five year who are stunted
- 50% of participants will experience reduced domestic violence
- 50% of participants will reduce household sickness by 20%
- This will be measured through pre and post program surveys and beneficiary feedback at the end of the project.

Funding will help people like Leab, a 58-year old widow who earned USD$1.25 a day making rattan baskets. The pandemic wiped out her only source of income, causing immense financial stress and food insecurity.

After partaking in the Project, Leab grows vegetables to feed her family. She sells her surplus vegetables to a wholesaler in her village, and has doubled her pre- pandemic income.

Profile of Human and Hope Association Inc

Human and Hope Association Inc

Human & Hope’s vision is a world where communities are built through locally driven initiatives. To achieve this, we focus on two main activities:

1. Raising awareness in Australia about the unintended consequences of voluntourism and advocating for a local and sustainable approach to development.
2. Supporting a grassroots community centre in Cambodia (HHA) who run education, vocational training and community development programs that alleviate poverty across generations.

At Human & Hope we realise that the local community is the key to sustainable and meaningful community development. We promote a mode of international development that is based around the needs and abilities of local communities by empowering local teams and subject matter experts, to work and lead initiatives within their communities. We do not seek to solve local issues with Westernised solutions; we realise that truly sustainable and restorative development requires a local approach, led and performed by locals, for the benefit of locals.

Cambodia is our country of choice as it remains the poorest Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) country with 35% still living in multidimensional poverty, despite recent economic growth (UNDP 2018). Children and young people under 19 in Cambodia are generally amongst the poorest and constitute 45% of the total poor (UNDP 2018).

Through funding projects focused on education, vocational training and community support, we help to move Cambodians out of poverty and into financial independence.


Funding sourceAmount
EOFY Campaign$1,500
HHA Cambodia$270
Funding gap (unconfirmed)$11,000
Expense itemAmount
Vegetable seeds (100 families x $24)$2,400
Fertiliser (100 families x $24)$2,400
Farming resources (100 families x $28)$2,800
Local staffing$4,840

Support Agriculture Training in Cambodia

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