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Impact Fund

Investing in momentous change

The Impact Fund inspires investments in bold solutions to the biggest issues facing Australia today. It harnesses the power of collective giving to build momentum and accelerate progress to tip the scales towards positive social change.

What is the Impact Fund?

Established in 2016 from a pool of discretionary funds and bequests, it is an endowment fund for the Australian community.  It aims to be a collaborative vehicle to promote social change philanthropy.

The Fund seeks evidence-based projects that are scalable or which have the potential for wide impact and application. This could include research projects that help to shine a light on national issues; new approaches to tackling complex issues affecting Australian communities; supporting pilot projects, scaling-up programs or tailoring of successful local approaches.

The four key areas of focus reflect the values and interests of Australian Community Foundation members:

Past Recipients

These recipients have inspired change, shifted debate, improved policy and are making substantial progress on some of the big issues facing Australia today. Owing to the hard work of all those involved in these projects, the Impact Fund is:

  • Empowering Indigenous rangers to protect and manage our land and sea

  • Building a strong local movement in Cairns to help save the Reef

  • Encouraging gambling reform and assisting AFL Clubs in removing poker machines

  • Developing new ways to measure national well-being and progress

  • Ensuring the preservation of our country’s strong gun laws

  • Shifting the national debate towards action on climate change.

Read more about the great work achieved by last year’s recipients.

Selection Process

Applications for 2018 have now closed. If you would like to be notified when we open our next round, please contact us here.

Invited applicants are initially shortlisted based on the following general criteria:

• Address issues of national significance
• Timeliness/urgency of opportunity
• Potential for systemic impact
• Potential alignment with donor interests/funding partner priorities
• Collaboration and partnership.

+ Read more about the selection process here.

The full applications are assessed on the following criteria:

• Evidence-informed
• Influence
• Innovation / scale
• Adaptive leadership
• Engagement and relationships
• Mandate
• Cultural and community responsiveness
• Track record
• Learning culture and evaluative capability
• Potential for engagement with other funders.

Applications are then assessed and approved through the following process.

Australian Communities Foundation welcomes donations to the Impact Fund at any time.

If you would like to find out more about the Impact Fund, please get in contact with us.