Invest in a cause and watch your impact grow

Australian Communities Foundation is committed to helping build happy, healthy and more resilient communities. To support this, we provide easy ways to help you start giving and having an impact on causes you care about. We offer a number of philanthropic tools for individuals, families or businesses to cater for those starting big or those startling small.  As an ACF donor, you can choose to open a fund, start with a Gumnut Account or leave a bequest.

Choose Your Philanthropic Vehicle

ACF offers a huge range of giving options that are flexible, innovative, and personal. Whether it’s having an impact on an issue close to your heart or helping companies create organisational giving plans, we have the perfect philanthropic solution for you.

Key benefits of being an Australian Communities Foundation donor:

Perpetual and long lasting
Australian Communities Foundation works to a simple creed, ‘for good, for ever’. We guarantee your gift will be responsibly and ethically managed in perpetuity. So your gift will continue doing good for the community, in your name, as the community’s needs change.

Strong governance and operational efficiency
Australian Communities Foundation takes their responsibility for your money very seriously. The foundation provides strong governance and operational efficiency through a carefully selected Board of notable Australians.

Easy to establish
No matter how much money you have to start, we make it as easy as possible to begin your charitable journey.  Most of our clients start with a named sub-fund. This requires a minimum of $20,000.00 and has no upper limit. The more you put in, the more impact you can have. If you want to start with less, you can open a Gumnut Account with as little as $2,000, and grow your future sub-fund with us.

Support and Guidance
We help you help others. All our clients have access to Australian Communities Foundation’s significant community and grantmaking knowledge. We also give you the opportunity of participating in a range of thought-provoking, insightful forums, site visits and other events which enable all our donors to deepen their knowledge and connect with other like-minded people.

Cost effective
Australian Communities Foundation want to ensure your gift makes the biggest impact possible. There are no establishment fees and a low, ongoing administration fee.

To be known. Or not.
It’s up to you. Australian Communities Foundation respects the privacy of our donors. We have the flexibility to ensure you get full recognition for your generosity or absolute anonymity. It’s your choice.

Financially sound structures
There are a number of ways of structuring your giving. We give you the ability to donate to a tax deductible sub-fund, a non tax deductible extension sub-fund and a tax deductible fund specifically created for scholarships or bursaries. All earnings are exempt from tax.

Contact Australian Communities Foundation

If you would like more information on any of our giving options please call 03 94120412 or send an email or

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