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5 reasons to open a fund for your charitable giving

Opening a fund for your charitable giving is an easy, tax-effective and strategic way to support the causes you care about. Read on for five ways that you can get more out of your charitable giving with your own fund.

1. Give now, decide later: Immediate tax advantage

When you make a tax-deductible donation into your fund, you receive a tax deduction immediately. The next step in the process – deciding on the organisations you’d like to direct your donation to – can happen at a time that suits you. With guidance from expert staff, you can take the time to consider which causes and charities you’d like to support. 

Meanwhile, your money is invested to grow. At Australian Communities Foundation, all pooled funds are ethically invested, meaning your money does good even before it is granted out.

2. Get advice on your giving

When you give through your own fund at a community foundation, you gain the support of deep philanthropic expertise. 

Not only do community foundations have a current understanding of local needs and opportunities, they can also help you think strategically and innovatively about your grantmaking. When you make strategic decisions about your giving you can increase the effectiveness and impact of your charitable contribution. 

3. Build a legacy

Community foundations help donors build a lasting legacy. Whether it’s creating a meaningful family legacy that future generations can be part of or ensuring your favourite cause receives support beyond your lifetime, using a community foundation means your contribution is held in trust, creating a sustainable source of funding for the causes and organisations you care about most.

4. Engage others in your giving

The flexibility in the community foundation model means that you can engage others in your giving. With opportunities for collective giving, businesses can enhance the engagement of staff, clients, stakeholders, and supporters, and extend their brand and identity.

5. Be part of a community

At its heart, a community foundation is a community of givers. When you establish your own fund through a community foundation, you join a vibrant community and gain access to events, connections to likeminded donors, and regular giving inspiration and ideas aligned with your interest areas.

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