Have you discussed philanthropy with your clients?

According to the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies at QUT Business School, professional advisers discuss philanthropy with less than 10% of their high-net-worth clients.

Sue Dahn, one of Australia’s top 50 financial advisers, Executive Director and Partner at Pitcher Partners spoke with us about the value of a professional adviser discussing philanthropy with their clients.

“It’s crucial for the trusted professional advisor to include philanthropy in their conversation with clients… It’s a terrific conversation to have. It really helps the advisor understand what the interests of their client are, what moves them and what their passions are. They are very rich conversations that will glue your client relationship.”

Lawyers, accountants, bankers and financial advisers hold a significant role in building and growing philanthropic giving in Australia. However, 30% of professional advisors (Crittall, Scaife and Boldeman, A Study of Professional Advisers in Australia, QUT Business School) reported they felt that they did not have the resources or support to initiate the conversation of philanthropy with their clients.

Sue works with Australian Communities Foundation (ACF) in both a professional and personal capacity.

“I became a donor myself because I wanted to go through the philanthropy experience so I would feel comfortable advising others. Through my advice, a number of my clients have become donors. They’ve had a fantastic experience with ACF, not only have they been able to know where to direct their charitable dollars but they have also made friendships at ACF, which have been really rewarding for them.”

“Australian Community Foundation is probably best introduced as a unique cohort of progressive donors who pool their funds and ideas with a desire to make a really positive impact on their communities.”

ACF connects Sue and her clients with the opportunity to not only support causes they care about through structured giving, but to also join a philanthropic community of individuals dedicated to supporting and strengthening grass-root causes and initiatives.

Our team of philanthropy consultants can work with you to provide you with structured giving solutions, as well as access to resources and specialist advice to support your clients giving goals.

To find out more about philanthropy and how ACF can partner with you, visit our Professional Advisers web page.