The first environment donor circle for 2019 gave important context to the current state of climate activism. It was especially great to hear positive and hopeful perspectives from the experts, from young leaders like #SchoolsStrike4Climate representative Anica, and from our guests. If you’re interested in supporting the work of the organisations that were involved in the discussion, see below for details.

First 100 Days | CANA 

This project aims to ensure a new government delivers the climate solutions the global community has agreed to and needs. The First 100 Days proposal from CANA can be found here.

Don’t Frack the NT | Seed 
Seed is an Indigenous arm of the AYCC that is committed to self-determination, land rights and solar roll-outs to remote communities. The current campaign Don’t Frack the NT’ is doing critical work to protect water, health and country. To donate, volunteer or learn more, visit Seed’s website.

Dr Joan Staples also shared some great reading recommendations with us during the event:

  • Will your home still be insurable in ten years? Find out from the Australian Actuaries Climate Index.
  • What do Australians want most from their next government? In this vivid, grounded, surprising essay, Rebecca Huntley listens to the people and hears a call for change.
  • Psychology for a Safe Climate is increasing understanding of the psychology behind the challenges and difficulties of engagement with climate change; fostering psychological support and self care; and helping improve communication on climate change. Find out more here.

Thanks to all that came along and joined in the discussion. We look forward to seeing you again soon!