Strategic Plan 2014-2019

Savvy Giving

Savvy Giving was commissioned by ACF to offer inspiring and insightful guidance to anyone involved in a program of charitable giving. By combining head and heart, Savvy Giving provides a practical step-by-step guide on how to maximise the impact of your philanthropic giving, whilst creating a strategic and sustainable long-term plan. Genevieve Timmons draws on a wealth of experience from the grantmaking world to provide practical advice about overcoming challenges and focusing on the ‘big picture’ to:

  • Understand what you want to achieve with your giving
  • Deal with the nuts and bolts of funding along with the red tape
  • Identify the right time, right place, right community and right project
  • Celebrate the outcomes.

Whether you are a new donor, an established grant maker, a financial adviser or an organisation seeking support, Savvy Giving provides a comprehensive guide on how philanthropic dollars, when spent strategically, can have a major impact on the social landscape and community you care about.

All proceeds from the sale of Savvy Giving support philanthropy.

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Savvy Giving - by Genevieve Timmons