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BooksnBoots Incorporated
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The Children of Cherbourg -

Mission Statement
“How can you read a book if you’re not healthy. How can you go to school if you’re not fit?”

Eleanor Harding. 1982.

Books n Boots aims to establish an agency that facilitates the provision of second hand and new books and sports footwear to remote area primary school age children in Australia. We strongly believe in the ethos of saving the earth’s precious resources by joining with support agencies throughout Australia to meet these material needs of remote area primary school age children.
We collect, sort, store, transport and redistribute essential books and sports footwear for children.

Our Guiding Principles:
• We will work with and support existing education and sports services, enhancing but not duplicating the valuable help they already provide.
• We will operate not-profit from the delivery of this service.
• We will ensure that the criteria for recipient eligibility is determined by relevant support services and not by Books n Boots.
• We will ensure that all goods donated are of a good quality, in working condition, and adhere to the appropriate Australian safety standards (ie. we would use the goods ourselves).
• We will work with partners and supporters who share our values and goals.
To date we have distributed 700 books to the Tiwi Islands Aboriginal schools

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  • Remaining Goal

Project Details

Postcode where activity will take place: 4605

Start Date: 03/04/2019

End Date: 02/11/2019

Target Population:

  • Indigenous Australians
  • Education status > Primary school students

Field of Interest:

  • Education > Education support
  • Human rights > Social rights

Project Summary:

I started BooksnBoots Inc. in 2016 to provide Indigenous children and youth in remote areas with entertainment books to enhance their reading ability and to share the reading experience at home with their parents a well as their schools. Our motto is “From Dr. Zeuss to Shakespeare, they all help you read"

We are a not-for-profit organisation aiming to assist in closing the educational gap for rural and remote Indigenous children and youth in the education/well-being sector. We are Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal in our membership, but have an Aboriginal Board

We lobby libraries in the Melbourne area, collect and pack books and send to communities. We will soon be expanding to collect second hand and new sports footwear to send to remote communities children via sports clubs.
We provide collection for libraries and private donors.
We log each book and package according to suitable age groups to make it easier for the recipients after delivery.
We have sent 700 books to the Tiwi Islands two schools, with the assistance of Red Cross who distributed them across the two Islands of Bathurst and Melville.

We currently have collected 1200 books and aim to send them to Cherbourg Aboriginal community in Queensland.
The CEO of Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council has called us and confirmed their Learning Centre would be happy to store the books and distribute thru their library to parents and children. He is also providing us with a letter of support.
Our costs to achieve this are truck freight and administration, in total $3500 would cover the program.

Project Outcomes:

We are trying to assist in closing the Gap for Indigenous children, particularly in remote areas.

We know we will have contributed to this end with the Cherbourg ATSI community by providing a survey six months after the books are distributed, measuring the parental and child increased access to the Indigenous Learning Centre Library. We hope longer term that this will contribute to higher Naplan scores in 2020.

Budget Details

Total Budget: $3,500


Income item Price ($)
Charity 3000


Expense item Price ($)
Freight 1000
Boxes and packaging 500
Administation salary x 2 weeks 2000

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