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Bamboo Projects Education Ltd.
17 Civetta Crt
Dakabin, QLD, 4503

Supporting Organisational Growth -

Bamboo Projects Education is run by a husband and wife team who have been through their own mental health struggles, and set up the charity to support people with mental illness and disabilities. They have recognised the gap in the system which has a need for social connection and inclusion. The charity takes people, for free, for outdoor therapies such as fishing, hiking and walking and creates a mateship with people. They hold community events once a month which include jumping castles, face painting, fishing lessons, BBQ and a mental health discussion which is free for the community to attend. These events have recently seen up to 400 people attend. They use all Sunshine Coast based vendors for these events, which provides more connection on the Sunshine Coast.

Bamboo Projects is a charity which uses outdoor therapies to help people with mental illness, suicidal ideation and physical disabilities and anyone who is socially, emotionally and relationally isolated. We have been running small pilot community activities for a year, using fishing and hiking activities to build connection, establish relationship, walk life with people who are struggling and offer realistic strategies and ideas to manage their mental health and interpersonal relationships more successfully. Many of our participants report they are socially isolated; lonely; using prescription and non-prescription substances to cope; are struggling with suicidal thoughts. Over the last year we have seen participants form friendships with each other and Bamboo Projects staff; develop new skills; improve their mental health; report reduction in suicidal thoughts and improve physical health, stop using illegal drugs and gain and keep employment. In fact, some participants have returned to the workforce for the first time in years after working with us in our program.

They partner with Ocean Crusaders for their community clean ups. They have seen the benefit from inviting people who are struggling mentally to get out on the water and give back to the community. The most recent event they partnered with Ocean Crusaders was the Currimundi Lake Clean up. One of the gentleman that came down to meet the Bamboo Projects staff for the first time attended this event. As he walked to the set-up tent, he was an elderly gentleman who appeared uncomfortable and unsure. As the day went on, his face brightened, his posture straightened, his whole demeanour changed. He followed up that night with a phone call to thank Bamboo Projects for listening to his struggles, providing support to move forward and for giving him ‘the best day he has had in a long time’. This is what they are all about. A grassroots charity that targets people at their level to bring them higher.

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Project Details

Postcode where activity will take place:

Start Date: 07/01/2019

End Date: 08/01/2020

Target Population:

  • Social and economic status > Economically disadvantaged people
  • Indigenous Australians > Indigenous Australians

Field of Interest:

  • Human services > Youth development
  • Community and economic development > Community development

Project Summary:

Bamboo Projects Education Ltd, approved as an NDIS provider in July 2018 for 5 states, offers innovative community participation. In 2019, we commence a 12-24 month tour Australian tour to connect with new clients, establish a second operations base in South Australia, and establish a presence in the NDIS market. We will focus on remote/regional communities experiencing a lack of disability and mental health services. To that end, the main activities we intend to do with this grant to build organisational capacity are:

Acquiring software to build a client database
Purchase a laptop and satellite phone
Certificate 4 Training (Disability services) for a SA Volunteer Coordinator
Marketing materials for both sites
Development of business/strategic plan to facilitate organisational growth, engaging a consultant.
Auditing costs

These activities are needed to grow our organisation. We have run successful events/activities in the South East Qld region for 3 years, and are poised to establish a presence nationwide. Our 12-24 month Australian tour will connect us with new volunteers to offer our unique Meet'nGreet events across the country. The difference to our organisation will be significant as it will build a solid foundation for growth.

The main individual capacity building activities we will do are running Meet n Greet outdoor therapy events for people with physical, intellectual, social and emotional disabilities, in one urban and one remote location in each state/territory. We will recruit and equip a committee to continue running the Meet'nGreets in their region after we've moved on, providing low cost recreational activities for individuals and families with disabilities; social inclusion; mental health support; and community connection. The benefits for people with disabilities are reducing the isolation often created by disability; learning a new skill they can continue outside of the events; providing purpose and social activities; and establishing friendships.

Our Directors are travelling Australia for up to 2 years from July 2019, intending to run MeetnGreets across the country, build community among people with disabilities, establish a presence in the NDIS landscape, create Bamboo Project volunteers in 7 states, and establish a second base in South Australia. The main activities we intend to do with this grant to build organisational capacity are to:

Purchase equipment (laptop and satellite phone to use in remote locations)
Engage a consultant to develop a strategic business plan to faciliate growth
Purchase software to maintain an Australian client database
Print marketing materials to promote the Qld and SA's sites to potential new NDIS clients
Offer Cert IV Disability Services to a newly appointed SA Volunteer Coordinator
Auditing costs for 2018/2019 financial year

Having fine tuned our practice model, we are ready to embrace organisational growth, particularly with becoming an NDIS provider. We however lack the capital to facilitate this growth.

Project Outcomes:

The nominated activities are needed due to:

New laptop - we are currently utilising a borrowed laptop.
Satellite phone - would allow us to provide phone support to the new committees we aim to establish.
Consultant - we need a clear pathway for organisational growth, conduct a comprehensive needs analysis to prepare our organisation for the marketplace, develop better risk management overview; & develop better client feedback tools for better service and collect data for grant applications.
Software - we need a suitable software program to maintain client data, and record activities and outcomes.
Marketing materials - Now that we're an NDIS provider, we need to connect with new clients, particularly those looking to increase social and community participation.

We can provide Life transition planning (including peer support and mentoring) and Individual skills development and training Certificate IV - We want to open a SA site, offering MeetnGreets and peer support We have an interested party, who needs training - Cert IV in Disability Services Auditing costs - As we grow into a larger organisation, we require more extensive financial governance.

We will measure results via:

1. Anecdotal/survey feedback on the day and after the event (via Facebook page), garnering feedback about how the day impacted people, using indicators such how the events have improved their social inclusion; their enjoyment of the day; any personal achievements and outcomes; feedback about impact of outdoor therapies.
2. Anecdotal/survey feedback (via phone/email) re: the ongoing peer support Indicators are reduction in suicidal ideation, improved outlook and social inclusion, new connections with disability services
3. Feedback from MeetnGreet committees who execute future events (via phone/email mentoring), using indicators such as creating ongoing peer support; establishing linkages between service providers and people with disabilities and their carers; and the impact of regular events. They will be offered the same participant feedback tools to use to gather information about how events impact attendees.

Local Councils who support actual/ future events, measuring social cohesion outcomes from their broader perspective The project will be managed by a Project Coordinator, (a qualified teacher) who has been facilitating MeetnGreet events for 3 years in South East Qld, and a Peer Support Coordinator, with 3 years experience of utilising outdoor therapies to support people with disabilities They have developed strong collaborations with local councils, local indigenous members, support workers, local schools and politicians, and these extensive relationship building skills will be carried over to every area that Bamboo Projects intends to visit.

Our board consists of the 2 coordinators; a psychiatrist specialising in trauma recovery; and our South Australian partner They will continue offering organisational/operational transparency. The main focus of this tour is to build partnerships and collaborations. We will seek to build those with indigenous elders (already existing in the Atherton Tablelands, North Queensland); local councils (particularly focusing on ongoing grants that committees can access, and community liaison officers); CALD communities; disability support services; at risk youth; local and state politicians in each region; and NDIS networks across Australia.

Budget Details

Total Budget: $128,020


Income item Price ($)
ACF Donor (unconfirmed) 15000
Other grants and fundraising attempts (applied but not confirmed of the outcome) 113020


Expense item Price ($)
Project Coordinator (wages) (0.8 FTE) $45120
Certificate 4 in Disability (online) for SA Peer Support Facilitator $4250
Oncosts for Program Coordinator (satellite phone, laptop etc) $4890
Marquee and event set-up (South Australia) $2400
Advertising and promotional materials $1400
Strategic Plan Consultant $8000
Auditing and legal fees $2500
Peer support facilitator (wages) (0.4 FTE) $22560
Oncosts for Peer support facilitator (computer, phone etc) $1700
Meet n Greet community event costs $16400
Outdoor therapy starter packs (x 14 at $500 each) $7000
Engagement workshops (room hire, consumables, printing of training materials) $9800
Software set up $2000

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