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All Together Now’s vision is for a racially equitable Australia. Founded in 2010, we have been working towards this vision by educating Australians about racism through projects such as our Everyday Racism app, our face-to-face training for youth workers, and our media monitoring. We currently have two priority areas: preventing the recruitment by far-right groups in Australia, and creating solutions to negatively racialised media. Our lead person on this project will be Priscilla Brice, who has an MBA in Social Impact, and is a 2013 Churchill fellow.

All Together Now proposes working on this project in collaboration with Kavita Bedford. Kavita is the founder of grassroots storytelling project on western Sydney, Mapping Frictions, and she has previously worked as a freelance writer and as the Editor of The Point Magazine, a publication dedicated to countering violent extremism and promoting social cohesion. She is a Churchill Fellow who recently travelled to Europe to research the power storytelling has to change our perceptions around issues of extremism, refugees and immigration. Kavita has a Masters in Applied Anthropology.

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Project Details

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Start Date: 06/01/2019

End Date: 10/04/2019

Target Population:

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Field of Interest:

  • Human rights > Anti-discrimination
  • Human rights > Diversity and intergroup relations

Project Summary:

Since the terrorist attack in Christchurch, All Together Now's priority has been to share the names, stories and photos of the 50 people who were killed in order to humanise them. This is in contrast to the finger-pointing and blame we have witnessed between politicians, the mainstream media, and social media companies. We have observed that many people appreciate our compassionate approach.

We propose collaborating with your sub-funds on a piece of work that continues to humanise the targets of the far-right in Australia, as this is essential for healing and poses possible systemic solutions for moving forward. It builds on our organisation's expertise in racism generally, and on far-right extremism and racism in the media more specifically. Our media monitoring project is the only project in Australia assessing opinion pieces and current affairs programs for negatively racialised stories so that the damage caused by this dynamic is quantified and attributed to the perpetrators, and solutions sought with affected communities.

The media can play a leading role in addressing this issue by combating negative stereotypes and promoting social cohesion.

All Together Now plans to collect and amplify the stories of four people who have been targeted by far-right extremists in Australia. In the interviews we would seek to understand how each interviewee experiences hate, and also what kind of country Australia could be if there was political will to change this dynamic.

Australian far-right extremists currently target people of colour, feminists, LGBTQI people, Islamic and Jewish people, First Nations people and refugees. It is no coincidence that these groups are also targeted by some opinion-makers in the mainstream media, who add fuel to the agenda of right-wing extremists. We want to show that this is an issue that is not just targeting or of importance to Muslim communities, and it is affecting wider society.

By humanising four individuals who experience identity-based hate, we aim to intervene in the overarching public dialogue from one of blame to one of compassion. By doing so, we also open people's eyes to the systems that have enabled the growth of far-right groups in Australia. We will work with a journalist who has a deep understanding of these issues.

We will produce:
• Four case studies/feature stories, promoted across All Together Now's communication channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and our website and email newsletter);
• Collaboration with one longform journalistic platform (e.g. The Guardian) to seek an in-depth story featuring at least one of our interviewees as well as an analysis of the systemic issues that have led to the Christchurch attack and what must be done to prevent more from happening. This will be informed by our anti-racism research work;
• Media coverage for the stories to be sought through Australian and New Zealand including pubic broadcasters SBS, ABC, and TVNZ; and
• Supplementary material that will be published on All Together Now's website drawing from our media monitoring project that illustrates the extent of negative stories perpetuated by Australia's mainstream media.

Project Outcomes:

This project will contribute to the healing, reflection, and solution-searching process after the Christchurch terrorist attack. We will measure this social impact through an online survey targeting the people who have consumed one or more of the stories. The link to this survey will be provided alongside each story. Thanks and acknowledgement of the funder will be acknowledged alongside each story.

Please note that the budget for this project has been calculated based on four case studies/feature stories. All Together Now is open to funding proposals for fewer stories, calculated as a portion of the budget provided (i.e. 2 stories = 50% of the budget, 3 stories = 75% of the budget).

Budget Details

Total Budget: $26,973


Income item Price ($)
ACF Subfunds (proposed) 6,750
Other Donors (confirmed) 20,223


Expense item Price ($)
Managing Director 7758
Collection of interviews by lead Journalist 13577
Social Media Coordination 1940
Overheads 970
Workers Compensation 3% wages 727
Travel to interviews 2000

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