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Bayside Transformations Ltd
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Purchase of new replacement vegetable processing equipment blades. -

Bayside Transformations is an organisation of like-minded people who are passionate about both male and female residents breaking the chains of addiction through a structured therapeutic community. This process facilitates and endeavours to build self-esteem, create change-behavioural systems, rebuild families and strengthen communities. A major part of the support provision required is derived from our amalgamated business venture.

Bayside Transformations is a not for profit, non-Government funded program that provides Residential Recovery for male and female adults with addictions and mental health issues. Our 12 month, live-in program provides a four stage program which includes empowering skills such as: practical life, communication, conflict resolution, self-esteem, anger management, relapse prevention, self-discipline, boundary setting, relationship skills, work place ethics, holistic health, individual counselling and group work.
Our program not only helps residents deal with their addictive behaviours, it also benefits their families and has a positive impact in our community. Apart from lowering crime rates it has a long term health benefits which reduces hospitalisation and mental health costs. Bayside Transformations has approximately 150 residents come throughout program annually. Our male and a female residents come from a variety of geographic areas throughout Queensland and interstate.

Alcohol and drug related issues affect an individual’s health and wellbeing. However, in our community much of the initial response is usually addressed by first response and public emergency services. We are successfully tackling, head on, the ice epidemic that is currently sweeping our nation. Australia’s Annual Overdose Report 2017 shows that more than twice as many Australians are now dying due to overdose as compared to those dying from car accidents.
For our residents to receive full and complete recovery an essential component of their individual program is the work component. The work component instils in the resident positive work ethics and habits that can be transferred into their future field of employment. In 2011 we establish a vegetable production kitchen and 2016 ‘Chilli by the Bay’ to help fund the rehabilitation program and to teach accountable work practices. Bayside Vegies also supports a number of employment agencies in Hervey Bay by registering for the Work for the Dole Program. Currently we have 30 registered Work for the Dole participants and 4 workers with a disability.

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Project Details

Postcode where activity will take place: 4655

Start Date: 07/02/2019

End Date: 07/02/2020

Target Population:

  • Health > People with substance addictions

Field of Interest:

  • Health > Rehabilitation
  • Health

Project Summary:

Purchase of new replacement vegetable processing equipment blades essential for processing
(WHY) Currently we have two Haldi food processors that are processing between 800 and 1200 kilos of processed vegetables per week. Once the blades exceed their prescribed productive and save levels the blades cannot be sharpened and replacement of the equipment blades are a major necessity.
These blades are expensive to replace. Many cost on average $450.00 each. However, we do have three blades that cost $390.00 each and one blade that costs $1160 by itself.
New blades retain quality product processing, worker safety, waste reduction, increased production levels, time efficiency, increased income and client retention. Collaterally these factors will allow for resident work therapies to continue uninterrupted for our 35 residents. Our vegetable production also includes a pool of 30 Work For the Dole registered participants and 4 workers with a disability.

For Bayside Vegetable production's purpose and mission to continue we need to:
1. Create sufficient profit to fund Bayside Transformations Residential Rehabilitation Centre and to stop our reliance on the generosity of philanthropic funding.
2. Create job opportunities for graduates of the program & community unemployed.
3. Create job readiness opportunities for our Work for the Dole participants.
4. Provide employment for individuals with a disability.

Purchasing the blades will insure we continue to provide quality products and while providing learning opportunities for our Work for the Dole participants, disability workers and residents. For each person who learns new skills, their chances of obtaining gainful employment increases. Employment not only helps the individual with an income, it has a huge impact on their family and the community.

Project Budget $7,635 including $300 for administration fees

Project Outcomes:

The foundation of a successful business is its underpinning structures made up of quality, dependable, safe, current and cost-saving properties. This gives all employee types a safe, productive, efficient and profitable environment which creates the outcomes needed (increased production, cohesive teamwork, stable employees and cost effective, dependable and quality product provision to clients) to achieve this success. This is a major achievement necessary to extend stability and sustainability into our general rehabilitation program stages and needs.

It is our overall goal to be completely self-funded and self-sustainable, to have our business arms funding all aspects of both the business’ and Bayside Transformation Rehabilitation Centre. This will make us less reliant on the generosity of philanthropic organisation when we need to fund new projects.
To do this, it is essential for us to provide quality cut vegetables to all our valued clients. Replacing the old blades that are well past their use by date will insure this. New sharp blades will enable us to cut or dice any vegetable supplied to us from our suppliers with limited wastage.

Bayside Transformation business arms are all about providing a quality service to all our valued customers all the time. If we supply our clients with second grade quality our customers will let us know, either by complaining or worse going to our competitor.
These needed equipment blades will make a direct impact in all aforementioned statements. A sharp blade cuts better because it catches less friction on a sharp edge than it would on a blunt one. It makes it glide through faster, with less resistance caused by the force of friction.
A dull blade presents more surface area to the vegetable, spreading the force over more veggie material, causing you to press harder before the material is parted, and maybe squashing your ripe tomato instead of cutting through it.
The cutting edge on a blade is a wedge, a simple machine. It concentrates force into a small, narrow area, and the small irregularities on the edge of the blade cause tiny tears in the vegetable, ripping cells apart, making a cut. The blade is is stronger and harder than the vegetable, so the vegetable breaks at a microscopic level, and gives way. The blade follows, and wedges apart the cut, which continues deeper.
A sharp blade has less surface area, and it comes to a sharper, finer point with a more acute angle, with a finely polished edge that has many tiny, fairly regular serrations at the microscopic level. All of that combines to transfer the force of your cut to a very small area of the vegetable, cutting it cleanly from our macro perspective.
These blades are a critical component of the machine's function, purpose and outcomes.

Budget Details

Total Budget: $7,635


Income item Price ($)
Donor funding 7,635


Expense item Price ($)
Haldi processing blades + admin fees 7,635

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