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Mi:Wi 3027 creative development -

At Country Arts SA we believe access to the arts is a universal right and that all regional South Australians deserve a life rich in arts and culture.
As detailed in our Strategic Plan, we believe that the arts have the power to transform lives and are a catalyst for tourism, employment and economic development contributing to resilient and prosperous regional communities.
We recognise and respect that we are living and creating on Aboriginal lands and we are committed to working together to honour their living culture.

Regional South Australian artists and communities are full of talent, ideas and energy that deserve to be celebrated. For over 25 years Country Arts SA have worked with these artists and communities to showcase their artistry and share their stories on local, national and international stages.
We support artists to develop their practice, make art and build networks with other artists through conversations and professional development opportunities. We provide grants and professional advice to regionally based artists and communities enabling them to realise their arts and expand their cultural aspirations. We produce innovative new works from and about regional South Australia that strive to ensure the rich, distinctive voices of these artists is recognised and valued by as many people as possible.
We present high calibre productions and workshops for people of all ages at our arts centres in Whyalla, Port Pirie, Renmark, Mount Gambier and Noarlunga and community owned venues in other centres.
We work with galleries across the State to curate visual arts exhibitions and residency projects as well as showcasing work of regional artists to state, national and international audiences. In 2018-19 over 580,000 people attended a Country Arts SA created or funded event.

With a highly skilled, passionate and committed workforce (over 60% of which live and work in regional South Australia) we deliver a diverse range of programs designed to support and inspire artists and communities. It is the strength of our staff, partners and programs that enable us to be regarded as a national leader in regional arts.

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Project Details

Postcode where activity will take place: 5000

Start Date: 04/03/2019

End Date: 04/03/2020

Target Population:

  • Indigenous Australians
  • Universal (no targeted benediciaries)

Field of Interest:

  • Arts and culture > Performing arts
  • Arts and culture > Cultural awareness

Project Summary:

Mi:Wi 3027 is an original script developed as part of a residency program designed to capture untold stories of Aboriginal Diggers.
Aboriginal communities across South Australia have expressed an urgent need to share positive stories of their people. Though Mi:Wi 3027 we have witnessed how this has instilled great pride in the Raukkan community (SA) and encouraged them to share more stories.
Mi:Wi 3027 brings to life the fascinating true story of friendship between the first Ngarrindjeri soldier to join the Australian Army during World War One, Roland Carter (service no. 3027) and German-Jewish ethnologist Leonhard Adam who was sent to question ethnic prisoners about their customs and culture in an internment camp. Their discussions on the history, language and daily life of Aboriginal people led the two men from very different cultures to form what would become a lifelong bond that survived the reversal of fates when Leonhard was sent to an Australian internment camp after fleeing his German homeland during the next world war.

Country Arts SA believes this is a unique story which needs to be shared with communities and audiences on a state, national and potentially international level. The story uncovers and gives voice to those who have been rendered silent. It provides connections and cultural understanding of Ngarrindjeri and Jewish cultures and shares the story with the broader Australian community.
Mi:Wi 3027 shares Ngarrindjeri culture uniquely through mainstream theatre. This has the ability to broaden non-Aboriginal people’s views on Aboriginal cultures positively impacting on reconciliation.
What is required now is for the original script, created during the initial residency and presented as a play reading in Raukkan and Adelaide, to be further developed.
To do this we will provide Aboriginal playwright Glenn Shea three more weeks of writing time and then one week with the Director Julian Meyrick and Aboriginal Dramaturg Andrea James. Once the next draft is ready we will bring the actors together for a week of rehearsal and further script development.
The new version of the script will be presented to colleagues from within the theatre sector and Artistic Directors of all major Festivals in Australia and seek their support for presentation and or co-production in 2020/21.
The original script was presented on 23 April 2018 in Raukkan and on 25 April 2018 in the Dunstan Playhouse (Adelaide Festival Centre) to a full house. We then went about presenting the play at La Mama, Melbourne on 11 and 12 December 2018 to seek further interest from the arts industry and further philanthropic support.
There are a number of avenues to pursue and interested parties who are keen to see the next draft of the script. This is why the urgency to complete the next stage is necessary now.

Project Outcomes:

We want a full play ready for development by a creative team.
We aim to achieve the realisation of a new Australian play that makes a significant contribution to the modern cannon of Australian stories.
By presenting Mi:Wi 3027 as a fully formed theatre work the unique story of Roland Carter and Leonard Adam will be ‘reintroduced’ into the narrative of Australian history. It honours the role Aboriginal Diggers played in WW1 and brings to light the important role Leonard Adam played in building a contemporary lens for understanding the rich Indigenous culture of Australia.
• Four week contract and resources for playwright Glenn Shea to further develop the script with industry peers.
• Professional employment and creative opportunities for 3 Aboriginal and 3 non-Aboriginal creatives.
• Presentations of the revised script to new audiences, to industry peers for critical feedback and to major festivals seeking their support.
• Engagement with other philanthropic partners to support Mi:Wi 3027 to full production.

This will allow for:
• A main stage season in a capital city (as part of a major festival) and a regional tour in South Australia.
• An educational learning package created to assist schools to expand their understanding of history and culture through the narrative of this play.

There are a number of specific metrics we will use to assess progress throughout the process including:
• The number of Aboriginal artists and or creatives contracted.
• The impact of peer input into Glenn’s work and a rigorous process of redrafting throughout the development phase.
• Reaching milestones in philanthropic investment for Mi:Wi 3027.
• Securing presentation at one of Australia’s major arts festivals in 2020/21.

The Producer will monitor the project via regular meetings: with the playwright and director for artistic considerations; and with our finance and development teams for financial matters and the development of new philanthropic partners.
We will maintain communication with the Carter and Adam’s families throughout the process.
Through Country Arts SA's evaluation framework we will:
• Identify new learning's with the creatives and partners at pre and post production meetings.
• Track feedback from industry colleagues who will be provided with a new script.

Budget Details

Total Budget: $34,450


Income item Price ($)
Country Arts SA 14450


Expense item Price ($)
Playwright further script development 3,600
Director – script development 1,500
Dramaturg – script development 1,500
Producer – script development 1,500
Travel – script development 900
Accomodation – script development 3,000
Living Away Allowance – script development 1,050
Venue Hire – creative development 1,000
Playwright – creative development 1,800
Director – creative developement 1,500
Dramaturg – creative development 1,500
Producer – creative development 1,500
Actors – creative development 4,000
Travel – creative development 2,000
Accomodation – creative development 6,000
Living Away Allowance – creative development 2,100

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