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Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute
16 Dunmore Lane
Katoomba, NSW, 2780

Low Carbon Living Program: Carbon Calculator and Dashboard -

The Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute (NGO, NFP) was founded with a vision to inform and help effectuate policy, management and conservation of the extraordinary natural and cultural wonders of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.
We run education initiatives and work in partnership with communities, businesses, universities and governments to conduct research, monitor and respond to ecosystem threats and preserve the unique natural environments of the Greater Blue Mountains, developing innovative solutions for the complex challenges of conservation and sustainable living.
Our Low Carbon Living program is a not for profit social enterprise working to encourage, educate and help householders and businesses reduce their carbon emissions, reduce their energy bills, improve their water, energy and waste management practises, and build a rewarding community of low carbon living program participants.

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Project Details

Postcode where activity will take place: 2780

Start Date: 02/01/2019

End Date: 02/01/2020

Target Population:

  • Universal (no targeted benediciaries)

Field of Interest:

  • Environment > Climate change
  • Community and economic development > Sustainable development

Project Summary:

The Low Carbon Living program is a not for profit social enterprise, working to help householders and businesses reduce their carbon emissions and at the same time reduce their energy bills. We work closely with small to medium businesses to audit and help them manage/reduce their emissions, and aim to reward and promote businesses who are successfully reducing their carbon footprint. Please see for more information.
We currently work with academic expert professionals in water, waste and energy usage calculations to conduct in-person audits with our program participants. We are hoping to move towards an online system where our auditors and users themselves can perform the audits online and update their information, view reports and view their progress in real-time.
We are seeking a grant to help us continue to develop crucial online tools, including our 'in-beta' carbon calculator and a user 'dashboard', so that people and businesses who participate in the program can login to our customised online user area and update their own data, view their progress, read educational material and tips for managing their emissions, and download reports about their usage/emissions to date. We want to provide them with a rewarding 'user experience' to incentivise their ongoing participation in the program. We also want to better capture data so we can provide information to the government and other bodies about carbon reduction efforts and statistics in local government areas.

Project Outcomes:

We are trying to achieve a critical mass of low carbon living participants, who are able to participate fully online. We have already invested some time and money into developing these tools and are confident our calculator (being developed in conjunction with academic experts and Ecologic - will be the best, most robust in-the-market Carbon Calculator for householders and business owners.
We will know we have achieved success when we can see a consistent, returning flow of people using our online tools, regularly updating their information, viewing/sharing their progress and feeding their data into our database.

Budget Details

Total Budget: $30,000


Income item Price ($)
Eco Tourism Australia sponsorship (pending, not confirmed) 3000
CRC ARC Grant funding allocation (confirmed, already spent) 12000


Expense item Price ($)
Development of online carbon calculator 6000
Development of interactive user dashboard 9000

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