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Twin Rivers Centre
104 River Hills Rd

General operating Support -

Our Vision is to be a leading provider of hope, direction and purpose through quality relationships and innovative programs. Our Mission is to connect, build and equip people for success in all areas of life.

Our key activities are:
Twin Rivers food co-op where approximately 250 local people that are struggling do their shopping per day.
Career: we target the Long termed unemployed that have barriers to employment and provide trainee ships, short courses, industry readiness, support to overcome barriers to employment and job outcomes.
Homeless Program: creating 250 meals per week by a chef with the assistance of long termed unemployed people, to be distributed to our local homeless agencies.
Family Support: Emergency Relief and intensive family support,
Social enterprise cafe where the long termed unemployed build skills to enter the hospitality industry.
Twin Rivers Church that runs services for the elderly, children, young people, multi cultural members of the church.
Mainly Music, a musical playgroup for carers and their children.

Twin Rivers has been in Eagleby (suburb of Logan in Brisbane) for more than 25 years and has build up a good reputation and trust within the community. Eagleby has a very low SEIFA score which is a low-socio economic index and Twin Rivers has a reputation to respond to the local needs and help overcome poverty by means of employment readiness programs, low cost shopping, a helping hand when things are tough such as counselling, practical support and community.

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Project Details

Postcode where activity will take place: 4207

Start Date: 03/01/2019

End Date: 02/03/2020

Target Population:

  • Social and economic status > Economically disadvantaged people
  • Work status and occupations > Unemployed people

Field of Interest:

  • Human services > Basic and emergency aid
  • Human services > Family services

Project Summary:

The funds I am applying for is for a computer program, the 'Community Data Solution', that will be able to manage our data collection, reporting requirements, data scoping to assist us with data evaluation and decision-making. Our services had increased significantly in the last 3 years and our own Excel sheets and forms are no longer suitable to collect and analyse data for improvement of the service, for keeping the information of our client professionally confidential, for tracking the progress and expenditure and for reporting to government bodies and other agencies.
It will be used for all of our clients that require case management; our employment skills program, our emergency relief, our trainees and generally families in Eagleby that frequent Twin Rivers for support.

Project Outcomes:

The expected outcomes are:
Effective case management reporting.
Increased overview of our services, the hours spent on clients and increased responding to staffing needs.
Increased understanding of the demographics of our client and respond appropriately or amend services.
To keep track of the presenting needs or barriers of our clients and to be able to put resources where the needs are most dire.
To tighten the accessibility of our staff to records therefore keeping confidentiality more secured.
To analyse trends and gaps in services.
Increased effectiveness of our services.

The organisation is an IT company focusing on helping the Non-For-Profit sector accessing affordable high quality tools to meet our data collection needs.

Budget Details

Total Budget: $9,372


Income item Price ($)
Department of Social Services $2160 willing to contribute (confirmed)


Expense item Price ($)
Tailor made High quality database from Community Data Solution $9372 total price (confirmed)

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