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FISH - Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health
PO Box 7741 Cloisters Square
Perth, WA, 6850

FISH-Bawoorrooga Housing, Education, Training & Enterprise Development Program -

FISH’s vision is that Aboriginal people are confident, connected, healthy, have equal opportunities with education, training, employment and life choices and are valued as positive, healing and leading contributors to community in connecting people to caring for each other and caring for country.

Due to the impact of past legislation and policies and the need and commitment to Close the Gap, FISH’s Mission is to break the cycle of generational trauma, poverty and engagement in the justice system for Aboriginal people and enable them to be valued by and able to positively contribute to their community. The focus is to provide a hand up to those in trauma, poverty and engaged in the justice system and to listen to and enable them to be involved in their own positive change therefore developing stronger, resilient and self-sustaining individuals, families and communities.

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Project Details

Postcode where activity will take place: 6765

Start Date: 03/11/2019

End Date: 03/11/2020

Target Population:

  • Indigenous Australians

Field of Interest:

  • Community and economic development > Community development
  • Health > Mental Healthcare

Project Summary:

FISH are working with the remote Kimberley Aboriginal community of Bawoorrooga. We are undertaking a comprehensive program of healing, reconnection to culture, community ownership, housing, education, employment and enterprise development at Bawoorrooga.

As part of our project, we are constructing the first SuperAdobe (earthbag) home in the Kimberley, market garden and orchard enterprise development and constructing a Worker’s Camp and Enterprise Centre, with the community members' involvement at all stages of the build from concept development, design, construction to completion. Project participants are being trained and involved in building these features for their community with their own hands, developing highly practical skills and confidence throughout every stage of the process.

The focus of the Project is to provide a hand up to Bawoorrooga Community who have been dealing with major trauma following a devasting fire and generational poverty. For years Claude Carter, the leader of Bawoorrooga Community, has been working with and supporting young people from the Fitzroy Valley who have been involved in the justice system to reconnect them to country and culture. The Project provides a structure and process to provide hope and real positive engagement in cultural, social and economic development initiatives to break the generational cycle of engagement in the justice system and involve them in their own positive change therefore developing stronger, resilient and self-sustaining individuals, families and communities.

Through the development of the orchard and market garden, culturally-designed, safe, secure accommodation and ancillary building and facilities this will support and enhance the health of the individuals and communities; both physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Project Outcomes:

The Project has been designed to create a prototype for healing, reconnection to culture, community ownership, sustainable Indigenous employment, housing and enterprise development which will foster the development of resilient, self-sustaining and self-reliant communities. It will serve as an example of pragmatic and innovative community empowerment for Indigenous Australia. The Project has been designed by Indigenous people for Indigenous people as a pilot for FISH's broader regional (and ultimately national) Indigenous healing, employment, housing, community and economic development program.

Measurable project outcomes will include:
• Engagement of 20 Indigenous people in construction phase and a further 50 school children and 10 volunteers.
• Employment of 8 full-time employees by June 2021 in agriculture, tourism and supportive industries.
• Orchard and Market Garden producing needs of community by June 2019.
• Orchard and Market Garden producing sufficient quantity of produce to establish a social enterprise and start selling to the market by June 2019.
• Establishment of sustainable tourism product by June 2020.
• Certified on the job training established on community:
o GATE (2019)
o Construction (2019)
o Horticulture (2019)
o Business management (2020)
o Tourism (2020)
• Formalised education partnership with FX High School established with Bawoorrooga Community (2019) and FISH:
o Credit recognition of education placement at Bawoorrooga (2019);
o Off-campus classroom established at Bawoorrooga (2020);
o Regular site and intern visits (2019).
• All community members financially self-sufficient with no one residing on community receiving ‘sit down’ money by June 2022.
• All community members report significant improvement in health and wellbeing by June 2021.
• Bawoorrooga community is an example of a sustainable, confident and healthy community with diverse programs of enterprise, training and education by June 2022

Budget Details

Total Budget: $60,000


Income item Price ($)
Faith Community Church (confirmed) 10000
Marra Worra Worra (confirmed) 10000
FISH community partners (unconfirmed) 20000
Australian Communities Foundation 20000


Expense item Price ($)
Doors and windows 9,727
Electrical and plumbing 20,365
Sustainable lime render and waterproofing 4,681
Food for project volunteers 5,908
Kitchen and bathroom 19,319

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