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Film Camp: No Time For Quiet – Feature Documentary Film -

Established in 2004, Film Camp is renowned for producing compelling and entertaining films that resonate socially and historically.

Film Camp has produced a number of award-winning social impact documentaries – including “Bastardy” (2008) about Jack Charles, that he continues to screen in gaols today, alongside
his work with The Archie Roach Foundation; and “murundak” Songs of Freedom” about the history of Aboriginal protest music in Australia. While producing “No Time For Quiet” and
“Leunig” about our National Living Treasure artist, cartoonist and enigma Michael Leunig, Film Camp is also currently financing “Brazen Hussies” about the history of Australian women’s liberation. Film Camp has also recently completed a short docu-series for ABC iView entitled “The Unmissables” about re-igniting the search for long term missing persons
through public art and is developing the feature documentary ‘Between Us’ with South-Sudanese Australia filmmaker Ez Eldin Deng, with the support of the Shark Island Institute.

  • Total Requested Amount
  • Total Raised From Donors
  • Remaining Goal

Project Details

Postcode where activity will take place: 3056

Start Date: 28/02/2019

End Date: 28/02/2019

Target Population:

  • Gender groups > Women/girls
  • Age Groups > Youth (6-25)

Field of Interest:

  • Arts and culture > Visual arts
  • Human rights > Individual liberties

Project Summary:

'No Time For Quiet' is a feature documentary film (currently in post-production) about the empowerment of a group of GIRLS and GENDER DIVERSE YOUTH who find their voices through a unique rock n roll community. We have secured finance from Screen Australia, Film Victoria and the Melbourne International Film Festival's Premiere Fund, but need your help to complete the film and launch our educational and outreach campaign. We are under the auspices of the Documentary Australia Foundation.

Link to 4 minute teaser: http://www documentaryaustralia com au/films/4257/no-time-for-quiet/

Our film demonstrates the positive impact of bespoke liminal immersive experiences and ‘safe spaces’ that promote and embody a strong sense of community, reinforce belonging and provide support and mentorship for young people who feel disempowered. Your support for the film will enable us to deliver an engaging music documentary film that champions the importance of community and mentorship in up-skilling young people who face gender discrimination and mental health issues. Recent research shows that documentary films can improve the lives of women and girls https://mediaimpactfunders org/new-evidence-shows-that-documentary-films-can-improve-womens-and-girls-lives/ You cannot be what you cannot see!

There is a vocal rising youth movement that is not present in current Australian documentary films and No Time for Quiet gives an intimate, candid, honest and raw access into the lives of young people today Its audience is therefore not only young people who share similar experiences to our characters and their families, but also those who don’t have regular access to the lives of teens and strive to understand them and gain an insight.

Having received the recognition and financial support of Australian film agencies and secured a world-wide premiere at The 2019 Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) we are now close to being able to complete this important and timely film. Film Camp is currently seeking a total of $50,000 of philanthropic funding to complete and distribute the film. This amount could be either from one donor or made up of a mix of smaller donors.

As a key supporter of the film, we would like to give you opportunities for more engaged philanthropy, including:
- Screenings
- Viewing and assessing rough-cut and fine-cut screenings of the documentary, contributing to discussions around the final version of the film
- attend private preview screenings
- reviewing a schools version of the documentary
- opportunities to engage in regional screenings and openings as an active partner
- invitations to the Film’s Australian Premiere
- notifications of DVD release, regional tours, television broadcasts Education
- reviewing and assessing the content of a schools version of the documentary and study guide
- reviewing draft schools' curriculum resources
- creative brainstorming around school competitions, scholarships and other education opportunities
- engagement with the Advisory Board in the development of strategies
- roundtable involvement in the formulation of the Impact Campaign strategy
- involvement in the creation of regional and community outreach
- Impact Campaign roundtable

Project Outcomes:

No Time for Quiet demonstrates the positive impact of inclusive and safe creative spaces for girls and gender diverse youth and the transformative power of immersive, liminal experience in changing lives. Through the film, we seek to inform a broad audience about contemporary issues affecting girls and gender diverse youth and the impact of discrimination and exclusion at
an individual level. We also seek to create greater community understanding of gender diversity issues facing young people as a step towards awareness and acceptance

Our objectives are to inspire and encourage the creation of further safe and inclusive creative spaces for girls, trans and gender diverse youth to express themselves, feel empowered,
upskill and advance towards greater visibility (and audibility!) in the wider community. We also seek to create greater community understanding of gender diversity issues facing young people as a step towards awareness and acceptance.

Our expected outcomes and how we will measure them:
- Sell out screenings at Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF Premiere Fund is an investor in the film) [measured by box office numbers]
- Theatrical release and then online/home video release of the film [measured by audience figures and sales]
- 'No Time For Quiet' to be implemented as part of the school curricula (eg. as part of 'Respectful Relationships') [measured by adoption of the film in curricula around Australia]
- Increased engagement with the project online; shares & likes [tracking social network activity from now until release and distribution]
- An increase in awareness of the Girls Rock! Alliance (around Australia) and other inclusive community engagement forums for young people [measured by tracking increases from Girls Rock!, and our follow up engagement of other groups in this network]

Budget Details

Total Budget: $330,000


Income item Price ($)
Screen Australia Grant – CONFIRMED 146000
MIFF Premiere Fund – CONFIRMED 50000
Film Victoria – CONFRIMED 7000
Film Victoria – PENDING 40000
Film Camp – CONFIRMED 32000
For Films Sake – CONFIRMED 5000
Philanthropy/ Documentary Australia Foundation – (ALREADY RAISED 5K) 50000


Expense item Price ($)
Post-Production Costs (Editing, Colour Grading, Sound Mixing, Music Licensing, Mastering etc) 310000
Educational Outreach and Impact Strategy 20000

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