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Eating Disorders Victoria
Collingwood Football Club Community Centre, Level 2, corner Lulie & Abbot Streets
Abbotsford, VIC, 3067

Eating Disorders Carer Workshop -

Eating disorders are serious psychiatric illnesses affecting 234,000 Victorians. Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV) exists to reduce the incidence, duration and impact of eating disorders. As the primary source of support, information, education and advocacy, we connect Victorians who are affected with the people, services and hope they need for recovery.

EDV is governed by a board who provide leadership and support to the Chief Executive Officer that then is passed on to the eight staff who are based in the Melbourne office. The contribution of our 54 volunteers enables our reach to be greater which is important to help reach the Victorians who are living with an eating disorder and their loved ones. EDV incorporates a unique approach to the provision of clinical and non-clinical services that has a direct impact on people’s mental health and wellbeing.

EDV’s range of holistic services to various audiences focusing on early intervention, service navigation, treatment and recovery. Through our Helpline, support groups, in-house clinical services, comprehensive website, skills-based learning programs and school and community education, EDV is an accessible and trusted touchpoint for thousands of Victorians every year.

The domains of our current strategic plan are:
• Support and Care: for anyone affected by an eating disorder.
• Information and Accreditation: to address the knowledge gap and provide referral pathways.
• Navigation: confidence to navigate the journey and connect with services.

  • Total Requested Amount
  • Total Raised From Donors
  • Remaining Goal

Project Details

Postcode where activity will take place: 3067

Start Date: 03/05/2019

End Date: 08/01/2020

Target Population:

  • Age Groups > Adults (25+)
  • Health > People with diseases and illnesses

Field of Interest:

  • Health > Mental Healthcare
  • Education > Adult education

Project Summary:

EDV is requesting funds to run a program for carers of people with eating disorders. Workshops are based on the evidence-based intervention, collaborative skills based model developed in the UK. The sessions are especially for those who are supporting and caring for young people with an eating disorder. The aim of the workshop is to improve carer’s wellbeing, coping strategies and problem solving skills so that they will be better equipped to manage the challenging job of supporting someone with an eating disorder. Both groups will have EDV’s Stories of Recovery Ambassadors, who will talk about their own personal experience with an eating disorder and their journey to recovery.

Eating Disorders are serious mental illnesses that approximately one million Australians diagnosed with at any one time. There is not one way to recover from an eating disorder however, research shows that early intervention is crucial and best practice in supporting children’s recovery involves support from family. This workshop brings parents together who are living with this illness with an aim to increase their understanding through education. In addition, it also provides a connection with what can be an isolating illness to show that others are having similar experiences showing that they are not alone.

The funds will enable EDV to deliver the program to 10 carers over a seven-week period. It will be a closed group with the attendees coming to every session to learn, practice and develop their skills. There are extensive costs involved in recovering from an eating disorder. Treatment involves support from a team of professionals and numerous appointments. Being able to offer this evidence-based program to families who may be struggling will be an offer of support and hope.

Project Outcomes:

EDV aims to deliver the carer’s workshop to 10 carers and the first sign of success will be to do this and ensure the program is completed on time and relevant data is collected to be able to report to the Australian Communities Foundation.

Pre and post surveys will be given to all participants that will capture changes in their understanding of eating disorders, confidence in supporting their loved one, confidence in applying skills and need for ongoing support. Participants will be asked if they would recommend the workshops to others and for feedback to assist with continuous improvement of the sessions.

Budget Details

Total Budget: $6,146


Income item Price ($)
Venue hire (In kind from EDV) 350


Expense item Price ($)
Program development, marketing and participant screening 600
Salaries (delivery) 2520
Stories of Recovery speaker fee 150
Manual (printing costs) 546
Catering 350
Program evaluation 180
Management fees 1000
Venue hire 350

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