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Certificate IV Community Services Training Project -

We were established in 1979 as an association registered in SA, and known as the Australian Federation of Pregnancy Support Services Inc. In 2008, AFPSSI changed its corporate structure and Pregnancy Help Australia Limited (PHA) was registered as a company limited by guarantee. PHA is a non-party political and non-denominational national peak body for life-affirming pregnancy support services across Australia. The primary aim of PHA and it members is to assist women and families challenged by pregnancy or pregnancy loss, and to that end, provides support via 24/7 help lines and website (www

Between 1999-2010, PHA was funded through the Commonwealth Government to operate a fully staffed office and provide various services to its membership and to deliver on the government’s goals. With the cessation of Commonwealth Government funding in 2011 and to continue the valuable 24/7 phone support service to women in crisis, PHA asked member agencies if they could assist. Pregnancy Help Sydney Inc undertook to cover Queensland, New South Wales, ACT and Victoria and Birthline Pregnancy Support Inc in Adelaide undertook to cover the rest of Australia. The two 24/7 1300 support lines are promoted on PHA’s website. PHA also streamlined its service to members and a ‘virtual office’ was established to manage day to day business operations through volunteer help.

The services that PHA provides include:
1 Providing support, education and resources to our member agencies
2 Covering Professional Indemnity Insurance for member agencies
3 Assisting the establishment of new pregnancy support centres
4 Organising bi-annual professional development conferences and networking opportunities for our agency volunteers
5 Making submissions about proposed legislation concerning abortion
6 Maintaining an online presence, via a website and Facebook page

PHA has 20-member support centres that provide a variety of services to women and their families within their communities
* In NSW there are five members in Sydney metro and four regional centres based Coffs Harbour, Taree and Newcastle/Warners Bay
* In SA there are two centres in the Adelaide metro area
* In Tasmania there are two centres in Hobart
* In Queensland there is one Brisbane centre and two regional centres in Toowoomba and Dalby
* In WA there is a Perth metro centre and three regional centres based in Rockingham, Bunbury and Albany

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Project Details

Postcode where activity will take place:

Start Date: 07/01/2019

End Date: 10/05/2019

Target Population:

  • Education status > Tertiary education students
  • Age Groups > Adults (25+)

Field of Interest:

  • Education > Vocational education and training
  • Human services > Human services information

Project Summary:

PHA wishes to provide a nationally recognised qualification for the pregnancy support workers of its member agencies in the form of a Certificate IV in Community Services. Through a
Registered Training Organisation (RTO), the course would also be available to the wider public who might be interested in training in pregnancy counselling. The Community Services course that currently exists needs to be modified so that it is fit for purpose for pregnancy support workers. This will increase the professionalism and quality of the services offered by PHA and its member agencies. We also believe that offering a Certificate IV course will help to attract new, young and vibrant volunteers who will help to shape the future of PHA and its agencies and provide sustainable and meaningful services to improve outcomes for women and their families.

There is a particular need to have accredited pregnancy support workers in rural areas so that new support centres can be established in those locations. This will give better access to support services to women and their families in rural areas who may be facing hardship or distress due to pregnancy or a pregnancy loss. The need for this project will allow a national benchmark for qualification of pregnancy support workers. The impact of this training course is threefold:
1. it creates opportunity for training, employment and community engagement to those students who complete the course.
2. it enables greater ease of access to counselling training which is anticipated to increase agencies’ ability to engage and train new PHA member workers.
3. individuals and families will benefit from the expertise and professional service provided by appropriately qualified pregnancy support workers.

Project Outcomes:

Phase 1 of the project was to set the scope of works and terms of engagement with the chosen Registered Training Organisation. The RTO selected is Eva Burrows College (EBC) based at Bexley in Sydney and run by the Salvation Army. This phase had a dedicated project manager and the fee for this service has been donated by a generous supporter of PHA. This part of the project has now been completed and is moving into Phase 2. Phase 2 is the negotiation with EBC to deliver a Certificate IV for pregnancy support workers that will be modelled on the Community Services course. This phase is estimated to cost $27,000 and is the largest part of the project as it will involve developing the course content, assessment and delivery method. The understanding with EBC is that PHA make a commitment of 40 enrolled students for the first two years of the course. In order to make it accessible to PHA volunteers, we aim to subsidise 50% of the fee for these students. Therefore total cost of the project will be $60,000 as detailed below.
* Phase 2 Certificate IV Course Design and Structure $22,000
* Phase 2 Project Manager Costs $5,000
* Phase 3 Certificate IV provided to 40 students: full cost of course $1620, 50% subsidy $33,000

Outcomes of our project will be:
1. The Certificate IV course is designed and completed in the project time frames to take to the PHA member agencies. The expected build time for Phase 2 is 6 months/including testing
2. The number of students that take up the Certificate IV course, firstly commencing with the PHA member agencies, and then to the general market (at full course fee rates) for those individuals who are looking for a qualification that can be used in various industries that support and help people.
3. PHA has asked member agencies for interest from their volunteers in undertaking this qualification and have feedback that this course would be widely accepted and the uptake
would be sufficient to meet the expected student numbers
4. Certificate IV on-line course will go live and be available to the open market January 2020.

Budget Details

Total Budget: $60,000


Income item Price ($)
Phase 2 Design/Structure 10000
Phase 2 Project Management 3700


Expense item Price ($)
Phase 2 Design/Structure 22000
Phase 2 Project Managment 5000
Phase 3 Course Fee subsidy 33000

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