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Becoming a Queen Again -

Vision and values:
SunnyKids Vision is for a community in which everyone feels safe, belongs and has the chance to reach their full potential.
Our values are: Innovation (we seek to continually improve through reflection and creativity); Fairness (We seek mutual benefit and shared responsibility in all of our actions); and Compassion (we take action to respond to individual and community needs with awareness and empathy).

Creating a networked community that can ensure every child family and individual who needs help can get it, by developing valuable relationships with like-minded organisations and individuals and activating networks to support children, young people and families to have: Success in education; Good health care and well being; Safe & nurturing relationships; Economic stability; and Cultural connection.

It is important to us that we achieve this by supporting and resourcing children, young people and families to understand and meet their own needs (a hand up not a hand out), in a way that empowers them to fulfill their responsibilities; whilst simultaneously fostering connected communities that are able to become “The village that raises the children”.

We are founded upon: Best practice governance – embedded within all aspects of the organisational culture; Sustainable finances – growing our organisation through clearly defined goals; and Our team –a sustainable, well developed, motivated, passionate team with pride in the organisation.

in 2019 we will provide 8-10,000 nights accommodation to victims of domestic and family violence; Family support and Counselling to 200 families; Intensive family Support to 100 families; and mentoring support to 120 children and young people.

To date we have reached over 500,000 students around Australia through the publication of sensitively written books and poetry, accompanied by professionally written and National curriculum aligned companion teaching guides which have been distributed to every primary school in Australia.

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Project Details

Postcode where activity will take place:

Start Date: 10/05/2019

End Date: 10/05/2019

Target Population:

  • Gender groups > Women/girls
  • Social and economic status > Victims and oppressed people

Field of Interest:

  • Human services > Shelter and residential care
  • Community and economic development > Community development

Project Summary:

Each year across Australia an estimated 20-30,000 women experience domestic violence severe enough to become homeless as a result. One such woman (referred to in this submission and project only as "S" for safety reasons) began to keep a journal as part of her recovery. This remarkable document outlines the highs and lows of her journey, the times the system saved her life and the times it let her down. Neither "S" nor any other woman who gathers enough courage to leave their violent situation and go into a confidential women's refuge - has any real idea of what to expect; Or how to not only survive the process but to thrive within it, in other words "How to Become a Queen Again".

Through "Becoming a Queen Again" "S" will be professionally supported to re-write her journal into a story that will form the handbook/survival guide she wished she'd had when she went into refuge. We will produce a book and cards (book marks) entitled Becoming a Queen Again for women experiencing Domestic Violence, assisting them in getting to a safe place and helping them with their recovery and healing journey. It is a story told from a survivor’s perspective, “S” who escaped 16 years of horrific abuse. "S" has spent a lot of time working on herself to assist in her recovery, including empowerment workshops, counselling, meditation, yoga and connection to many services in the community. She has been encouraged to write a journal to help with the healing process and these writings led to the idea that other women could benefit from hearing "S’s" story and how she is moving towards a new future.
"S" recognises that although her own abuse was horrific to the extreme, that all types and levels of abuse are not acceptable and she wants all women to know they have the right to feel safe and loved. She does not want this story to focus on her abuse, but to be about the journey she has been on to recover and realise her self-worth and potential.

SunnyKids has commissioned author Angela Bueti and artist Denise Daffara to work alongside "S" as she transforms her journal and experiences into a story of self actualisation, aspiration, and a message of hope for women when they enter refuge. SunnyKids will oversee and manage the publication, we will use our experience of publishing and distributing "The Quest for Courage" and "The Good Man Project" to every school in Australia, this time however "Becoming a Queen Again" will be distributed to every confidential women's refuge in Australia.

SunnyKids will oversee every aspect of the project from content development to distribution. We will use our professional expertise to oversee content development, our publishing experience to manage production and our confidential links to all refuges for distribution.

Project Outcomes:

Budget Details

Total Budget: $30,000


Income item Price ($)
StreetSmart (Confirmed) 5000


Expense item Price ($)
Author fees 5000
Illustrator fees 3000
Book and Card design and Production 7000
printing 7500
distribution 7500

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