Grant Opportunity

Transition Village Wallan
36 Hadley Drive
Wallan, VIC, 3756

A Community Hub – Heart of the Village -

Transition Village Wallan (TVW) is a small, community managed charity whose mission is to build an off grid village of 7 Tiny Houses to provide safe, supported short to medium term accommodation for people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness, in the Shire of Mitchell ( Victoria) area.

Our values are based in Community – no one left out, all are invited to participate in the TVW project. Education – of the individual and community. Respect – treat others with human dignity and equality. Sustainability – take care of Earth and people and a fair share for all. Resilience – the flexibility to manage and adapt in times of change.

Our vision is that people are empowered to live a safe and sustainable, connected life in a compassionate community TVW will provide a 12 months residency in the village During this time each resident will write a Personal Program covering his/her goals for the year. The goals may cover health, financial, training, social skills and education goals. Each resident will be supported through the residency by a Transition Worker – who will be counselor, case manager and liaison with the community in general. Residents will contribute 10 hours of work equity to the village and be responsible for its management via a Residents Management Committee (compulsory attendance).

Residents will be assisted to participate in community activities e.g. volunteering, sports and hobbies. TVW has recently been awarded $200,000 in the Pick My Project grant application by the State Government, this will cover the building of the actual accommodation units and the kitchen/dining areas. TVW is seeking funding for a community meeting and recreation room for the village residents. Having a suitable meeting space where all are welcomed and are able to share conversation, ideas, games or simply enjoy a quiet moment will rebuild lost social skills and trust.

TVW places great emphasis on building a compassionate larger community, ready to welcome the village residents back into general society TVW has embedded Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs into its operating philosophy. TVW has a Volunteer Program which will enable community to assist in the village personally or by financial support or by acting as a bridge to involve residents with local groups and activities. The computer program ‘Better Impact’ will be used to facilitate management of volunteers. It allows an interactive response for the volunteers needs e.g. when a volunteer takes a role, specialized units of learning will be available via the Better Impact program. This will develop the volunteers knowledge in that area this will be particularly useful for job seekers to build their CV.

TVW has embedded sustainable design and living principles into its framework. The Village will be off grid as far as possible, will offer areas for gardening and productive urban farming, and also assist residents to develop their own microbusinesses using community mentors. TVW has been offered a site for the village by VicRoads TVW will rehabilitate the land.

  • Total Requested Amount
  • Total Raised From Donors
  • Remaining Goal

Project Details

Postcode where activity will take place: 3756

Start Date: 01/10/2019

End Date: 08/01/2020

Target Population:

  • Social and economic status > Economically disadvantaged people
  • Work status and occupations > Unemployed people

Field of Interest:

  • Human services > Shelter and residential care
  • Community and economic development > Community development

Project Summary:

TVW needs funding to build or purchase a central meeting space for the residents. TVW is currently working with an architect (probono) to decide what structure will be most useful. The estimated budget will cover many different available styles of building and furnishings, from a yurt to a renovated container set up, to the purchase of an older house to re locate to the village site. The final decision will be made on the amount in the budget and the availability of a suitable structure.

Project Outcomes:

This current application to find a central meeting place for the residents will ensure that residents have a place to converse, play games watch TV, manage the village, and generally develop a sense of community in the village. They will relearn social living skills and regain control of their lives through living in a shared space. The Residents' Management Committee will be based in this building.

By using a shared space for 12 months and overcoming the difficulties this can bring, TVW residents will be well placed to find shared accommodation after leaving the village. The situation for rental properties in the local area is bleak. There are few houses, rental costs are high and the continuing flux of people into Wallan and local areas provides a highly competitive market for the village residents to combat. After leaving the village residents will have the skills to manage their finances, friends to house share with, and the skills to make the shared house arrangement work well. TVW feels this is a good outcome as the availability of low cost housing for singles is poor.

Budget Details

Total Budget: $12,000


Income item Price ($)
community meeting structure 10000
furnishings 1000
fittings (o bring solar power into the strucutre) 1000


Expense item Price ($)
strucutre and furnishings/fittings 12000

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