Our relationship with Ganbina goes all the way back to 2007, and it has been a pleasure to support this organisation and watch it grow ever since. Through our giving community, Australian Communities Foundation has been able to connect Ganbina with funders, knowing that the experience they will have will be memorable.

Sue Beeton from the Beeton Family Fund, a sub-fund of Australian Communities Foundation, discovered Ganbina in 2017, “After listening to many in Indigenous organisations and other small charities, I decided that annual funding did not provide much certainty for them and took more effort and time each year for organisations to achieve,” she says.

While working at La Trobe University in Shepparton some 20 years ago, “I was sitting in a meeting with the local Indigenous community discussing our programs, one of the Aunties who was there said, ‘Forget tertiary education – we need to keep them at school first!’,” Sue recalls.

“Her words have remained with me and planted the seed for the goals of the Beeton Family Fund when I established it,” she adds, “To be able to support an organisation that does exactly what was talked about all those years ago gives me great joy, and a feeling that I was meant to hear those words.”

Ganbina’s friendly yet professional approach attracts great collaborators and we hope to see the organisation thriving well into the future.


Ganbina is Australia’s most successful Indigenous school to work transition program. Ganbina empowers young Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people to achieve their full potential and thus live rewarding, fulfilled and independent lives as adults.