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Better Renting

Renters Election 2025

Renters Election 2025

Renting and housing issues are shaping up to be a defining issue of the next federal election. This is an unprecedented opportunity to secure policy commitments that ...

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01/05/2024 > 01/06/2025


  • Civic engagement and leadership
  • Housing and homelessness


  • People experiencing socio-economic disadvantage or vulnerability
  • People experiencing or at risk of homelessness


Renting and housing issues are shaping up to be a defining issue of the next federal election. This is an unprecedented opportunity to secure policy commitments that can help make life better for millions of people who rent their homes. We will bring together renters with a national advocacy campaign on renting issues, calling upon federal parties and candidates to commit to action on the energy efficiency of rental homes and steps to help make housing affordable and keep it there.

This will include bringing renters to Canberra to directly lobby federal MPs, as well as training renters to go into their communities and build and lead teams that can help to build popular support and understanding for action on these issues.

This project will be designed and led in close collaboration with grassroots renters from the Better Renting community, helping to make sure we are informed by the direct experience of the people we are advocating for.


Key outcomes of this project:

-Following the 2025 election, there is a mandate and a majority for the Commonwealth to act on rental issues, covering energy efficiency retrofits and measures to make rents more affordable.
-Political parties realise that renters are a powerful constituency, helping to re-shape the political landscape for years to come and incentivising all actors to do better on renting and housing issues.
-We build capacity and connection between volunteer renters across Australia, leading to an empowered cohort capable of continuing to work with each other and other renters on related issues at a state or territory level, as well as continuing to keep pressure on the new government.

Profile of Better Renting

Better Renting

Better Renting is a community of renters working together for stable, affordable, and healthy homes.

Your housing has a big effect on your health. But with more Australians locked out of home-ownership, more of us are renting for longer and raising children in unhealthy homes. This is a big problem: a home that is too cold, for example, can contribute to asthma or stroke. People renting on a low-income, or with a health condition, are especially vulnerable. Even if a house is too expensive to buy, you still need a home that keeps you healthy.

As a non-partisan community organisation, we use three complementary approaches to achieve our mission:

- Campaigning for rental laws that provide healthy homes;
- Growing communities of renters who are empowered to defend and extend their rights; &
- Changing the narrative, so that our culture values and promotes renting.


TOTAL BUDGET: $576,381
Funding sourceAmount
Major donors (unconfirmed)$50,000
Better Renting crowdfunder (unconfirmed)$20,000
Other grants (unconfirmed)$200,000
Energy Consumers Australia (unconfirmed)$200,000
Better Renting reserves (confirmed)$50,000
Funding gap (unconfirmed)$100,000
Expense itemAmount
Volunteer stipends$60,000
Digital infrastructure$25,000
Social media advertising (targeted)$80,000
Report publication$20,000
Lobbying day$20,000
Leadership development & training events$20,000

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