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Digital Rights Watch

Privacy Now Campaign

Privacy Now Campaign

Our privacy laws are woefully out of date, especially in light of technological change....

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15/10/2023 > 01/10/2024


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Our privacy laws are woefully out of date, especially in light of technological change.

Predatory, data driven business models have proven to be harmful, and undermine our public institutions and sense of community. We are at the end stages of a process for meaningful privacy reform, as the government has committed to changing the law. This is a highly significant step. However, we need to campaign to pressure them to make good on this commitment, particularly in light of opposition from powerful vested interests. DRW seeks to mobilise civil society groups to build public momentum for privacy reform now. By working with a diverse coalition, we have the best chance of generating a mandate for change with the requisite urgency.


We hope to build a campaigning network that can highlight all the ways in which privacy reform is essential in order to bring Australia in line with comparable jurisdictions and align the law with community expectations. By working with partners from a variety of fields (digital rights activists, public health organisations, children's welfare groups for example) we believe we can optimise our capacity to reach a wide and diverse audience. We also believe such a coalition will be a compelling influence on law makers of all political persuasions.

Profile of Digital Rights Watch

Digital Rights Watch

Our mission is to ensure that Australians are equipped, empowered and enabled to uphold their digital rights. We believe that digital rights are human rights which see their expression online.

We believe our digital world must be underpinned by equality, freedom and established human rights principles. Its evolution and future must be guided and driven by the interests of all people and the environments we live in. Digital Rights Watch exists to defend and promote this vision – to ensure fairness, freedoms and fundamental rights for all people who engage in the digital world.

Note: Digital Rights Watch have an auspice arrangement in place with Per Capita, to enable contributions from ACF Main Funds (which require DGR1 status). Per Capita's ABN is listed as a result.


Funding sourceAmount
Funding gap (unconfirmed)$10,000
Expense itemAmount
Campaign branding$5,000
Campaign microsite$5,000

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