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Muscular Dystrophy WA

MDWA Empower Fund

MDWA Empower Fund

The Muscular Dystrophy WA (MDWA) Empower Fund was created in 2018 as a vehicle for our community to access funding for specific items or experiences that are ...

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01/11/2021 > 31/12/2021


  • Community & economic development
  • Individual/family services & support


  • People with a disability, illness or disease
  • People experiencing socio-economic disadvantage or vulnerability


The Muscular Dystrophy WA (MDWA) Empower Fund was created in 2018 as a vehicle for our community to access funding for specific items or experiences that are unmet by typical grant providers or the NDIS.

Members of our community can apply for financial support to help them live their life to its fullest. It also covers off situations of hardship when necessary.

Grant rounds are open every 6 months and our entire community are encouraged to apply for varying amounts up to $5,000 per family. This can partially or fully fund a range of equipment and/or experiences, making a massive impact on people’s lives and allowing them to enjoy life just like anyone else can.

To date we have given funding to over 30 people, including items such as sports wheelchairs, car modifications to fit wheelchairs, flights & accommodation to MD conferences, an Apple watch and a MacBook Pro, to name a few.
Donors to the MDWA Empower Fund will be given regular updates on who they have supported and how their funding has been allocated to our community.

We have funded over $93,000 grants in the 3 years since the Empower Fund began and a contribution of $12,500 from your fund will help us continue providing Support for Life to our community.


We gain real-me feedback from our community regarding the benefits they receive from being granted an Empower Fund allocation.
These outcomes include increased access to services, improved accessibility, inclusion in life-changing events that are otherwise out of financial and sometimes physical reach of our families, and the independence that each of these outcomes provides.
Some examples of who has benefitted and what has been recently funded is listed below:
 Rob – a starter motor for his modified vehicle $3,000
 Logan – materials for serial casting (allowing him to stand properly and to wear shoes) $1,000
 Anthony – funding towards sports a wheelchair $5,000
 Ross – a vehicle modification so he can get himself around independently $5,000
 Michael – a hydrotap miniboil to be able to make his own cup of tea $1,750
 Joshua – a holiday with his family $3,500
 Lynda – hydrotherapy equipment to help with her sessions $364
 Joshua – a manual wheelchair so he can get around in family and friend’s homes $5,000
 Mathew – a drone for his photography and videography hobby $1,200
 Ben – noise & light cancelling blinds so he can sleep at night $697
 Laura – an air-conditioner/heater for their new home to stave away the cold $4,512
 Jaimie & Hayley – iPads with keyboards to make homework easier $1,526

An introduction to MDWA including who we support and how we provide that support is in the document attached below.

Profile of Muscular Dystrophy WA

Muscular Dystrophy WA

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people living with muscular dystrophy and neuromuscular conditions in WA and to be the first choice for support and services. We provide practical help that extends beyond medicine and complements our other goal of
funding relevant research.


Funding sourceAmount
MDWA fundraising activations$22,500
Funding gap (unconfirmed)$12,500
Expense itemAmount
Empower Fund community grants$35,000

Support MDWA Empower Fund

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