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Auspiced by Backbone Youth Arts

Fund the Arts

Fund the Arts

After 25 years of government neglect it’s time to put arts on the agenda. Not just because the arts employs 193,000 people & contributes $14.9bn to...

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19/11/2021 > 30/11/2022


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After 25 years of government neglect it’s time to put arts on the agenda. Not just because the arts employs 193,000 people & contributes $14.9bn to GDP each year, but because it defines and shapes our culture. It’s what defines us as a nation.

Germany recently provided a 50bn Euro injection into the arts. For the 13th most wealthy nation on earth, Australia needs to do a lot better than this.

Recent research by Alison Pennington & Dr Ben Eltham into Australia’s artssector makes an urgent case for policy and funding change. It’s time a public & marginal seats campaign is waged to win the public’s hearts and and minds.

The ‘Fund the Arts’ campaign will involve four key elements:

  • a media campaign (social, digital, & traditional to engage the nation and keydemographic groups)
  • stakeholder outreach (finding ambassadors, supporters, & allies from theworld of arts & beyond)
  • public outreach (engaging the public through events, concerts, fundraisers,dance schools, music teachers, etc.)
  • political lobbying (building bipartisan support, targeting key demographics inmarginal electorates, political site tours, hall of fame, media engagement)


The campaign has 3 broad campaign goals:

1) more Australian culture on our screens, speakers, walls, stages, & pages

2) fund our schools to generate the next wave of Australian musicians, actors, writers, & artists

3) more support for small & local artists

Profile of Auspiced by Backbone Youth Arts

Auspiced by Backbone Youth Arts

Backbone is a youth arts organisation based in Brisbane. We support curious, untamed, and experimental thinkers to challenge ideas and express themselves through many creative art forms. Backbone facilitates learning and risk taking, as well as the creation of new and exciting works. Our year-round programming includes workshops, performances, festivals, events, resources and training, and providing space for all of this to happen in.


TOTAL BUDGET: $465,000
Funding sourceAmount
Other philanthropic trusts & foundations (unconfirmed)$445,000
Funding gap (unconfirmed)$20,000
Expense itemAmount
Stakeholder outreach$15,000
Media outreach$305,000
Political outreach$60,000

Support Fund the Arts

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