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Foodbank NSW & ACT Limited

Foodbank NSW & ACT: Christmas Hamper Program

Foodbank NSW & ACT: Christmas Hamper Program

At Christmas time, Foodbank supplies Christmas Hampers for families living in rural and regional areas of NSW/ACT facing food insecurity. We experience higher...

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30/10/2023 > 31/12/2023


  • Individual/family services and support
  • Health/wellbeing and medical research


  • General population
  • People experiencing socio-economic disadvantage or vulnerability


At Christmas time, Foodbank supplies Christmas Hampers for families living in rural and regional areas of NSW/ACT facing food insecurity. We experience higher demand, year on year. Hampers are filled with festive food for a family to enjoy on Christmas day and beyond. Packed with 26 ‘long life’ every day and Christmas grocery items, the hampers relieve financial burden and provide a sense of normality and an opportunity for families to enjoy a touch of Christmas spirit.

Research for the Foodbank Hunger Report 2022 ( revealed that over 763,000 NSW and ACT households were hungry in the last 12 months due to lack of funds, sometimes skipping meals or going whole days without eating.

In the last year, through absolutely no fault of their own, a staggering one in six adults haven’t had enough to eat. A third of them are going hungry for the very first time in their lives.

Families are still struggling to cope with the financial aftershocks of three years of back-to-back crises, now rising interest rates, and spiralling fuel and electricity prices. At Christmas time, the situation is more dire than normal, and parents struggle to put nutritious food on the table and feed their children. The Foodbank Christmas Hamper program works directly with the local community to reach the most vulnerable families.

To deliver the Christmas Hamper Program, Foodbank works closely with farmers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and retailers to source healthy, nutritious food that can turn hunger into happiness at Christmas. We must also purchase essential pantry items along with a few Christmas treats, like Christmas cake and pudding, ham, tuna, vegetables, potato, and gravy, as well as jellies, fruit, pancake mix, shortbread, vegemite and jam. They also include the staples of tea, coffee, milk, rice, pasta, and pasta sauce.

Hampers are packed by volunteers at our warehouse in Glendenning and distributed via Foodbank’s community partners to ensure they reach those who are most vulnerable in the local community.

The value is just over $60 per hamper and our community partners contribute a nominal $20, with Foodbank covering the balance. With your help, we can provide 400 Christmas hampers to families this festive season.


Outcomes include:
- Provide food relief & alleviate hunger for families this Christmas, who could not afford or access adequate food supplies
- Families feeling less hungry, with reduced anxiety and an overall sense of relief to enjoy food at this special time of year
- Improved food security and food relief can improve social wellbeing, mental & physical health and stamina
- Improved productivity: ability to focus and concentrate better
- Improved social connections by individuals and families, through interaction with food relief services
- Ability to redirect available monies to pay other expenses

- June to September – source and purchase long life produce for hampers
- September/October/November – coordinating volunteer groups to pack hampers
- November/December – distribution to families via our Community Partners

Measures of success will be gathered through:
- Quantitative data on number of Christmas hampers provided into communities
- Quantitative data on the number of new community partners engaged
- Regional Food Relief Coordinator debrief and evaluation
- Food Programs Manager debrief and evaluation
- Feedback from local recipients and community partners

Profile of Foodbank NSW & ACT Limited

Foodbank NSW & ACT Limited

Foodbank is Australia’s largest and most trusted hunger relief organisation and Foodbank NSW & ACT was the first Foodbank to open in Sydney in 1992.

Our vision is that everyone has access to the food and grocery items they need. Our mission is to deliver essential food and household items to people in times of need.

Our objectives ensure we work “paddock to plate” which means we partner with the food and grocery industry, including farmers, wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers, to source food and capture donations saved from landfill. We also collaborate with suppliers, manufacturers and transporters to produce key staple foods that don’t come in sufficient quantities via rescue channels.

To distribute the food to frontline charities, community groups and schools that provide food relief within their communities, our teams work with an army of volunteers to pick, pack and transport the food to where it’s needed.

Our core business activity includes the following areas:
- Pantry – supplying frontline food relief charities and community organisations with staple items and fresh food and produce
- School Breakfast 4 Health – supporting priority schools to provide breakfast to children
- Major emergency response – providing emergency food hampers and other supplies.

Last financial year, 2021/22, we supplied more than 200,000 emergency hampers, 1.2 million serves of breakfast for schools, and overall, food for 24.8 million meals. Despite our very best efforts, the food we supply is still not enough as we only meet 55% of the food relief demand which continues to grow, even more so with the ever-increasing cost of living expenses.

Food relief brings both short- and longer-term benefits. It addresses immediate hunger and contributes to people’s overall physical and mental wellbeing, which helps them to achieve greater resilience in their lives and the potential for a more positive future. Food relief services also assist community cohesion and resilience.


Funding sourceAmount
Foodbank NSW & ACT (confirmed)$2,400
Community Charity Partners (confirmed)$8,000
Funding gap (unconfirmed)$14,000
Expense itemAmount
Essential Items for 400 Christmas Hampers$22,000
Staff Costs, Logistics, Packing, Distribution, and Freight for 400 Hampers$2,400

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