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Business for Development

Cross Sector Development Partnerships Initiative

Cross Sector Development Partnerships Initiative

XSPI is a unique initiative for Australia to engage across the Asia Pacific region in a more innovative and comprehensive way. It commenced in July 2020 after a July...

26/10/2021 > 31/10/2022


  • International aid & development


  • People experiencing socio-economic disadvantage or vulnerability
  • Women and girls


XSPI is a unique initiative for Australia to engage across the Asia Pacific region in a more innovative and comprehensive way. It commenced in July 2020 after a July 2019 Executive Roundtable on Cross Sector International Development Partnerships hosted by Melbourne Business School (MBS), ACFID and Dr Dan Evans.

XSPI’s point of difference is its “collective impact” approach to leveraging between Australia’s five key development related stakeholder sectors – Business, Government, NGO/NFP’s, Philanthropy /Private Capital, and Academia/Health/Medical Research. XSPI’s integrated approach is targeted towards supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across 19 Asia Pacific countries. Currently, XSPI has prioritised three countries – Bangladesh, Indonesia and PNG, representative of South Asia, Southeast Asia and Melanesia.

XSPI’s unique value proposition is to seed cross-sector partnerships that will be solid, long-term, enduring partnership platforms in the future. XSPI’s role is to serve as a catalyst, convenor, collaborator and coalition builder. It is neither a project manager or funder. XSPI has created Partnership Pilot Project Guidelines as a template for the partnering process. Our key objective by end 2021 is to create at least two “proof of concept” partnership pilot projects in each priority country. Our 3 country working groups are prioritising developing important partnership platform relationships with key national entities in each country.

A 5 Year Strategic Vision 2021- 2025 has been established comprising 3 horizons with Horizon 1 covering the 18 months to the end of December 2021. Horizon 1 will have successfully created the XSPI entity, including strong working groups in Bangladesh, Indonesia and PNG and several related project taskforces.

XSPI is now actively planning for Horizon 2 covering the next 2 years (2022- 2023). XSPI is presently registering as a company limited by guarantee and will then apply for ACNC registration as a non-profit. Horizon 2 requires transitioning from the current Horizon 1 start-up organisational structure comprising its executive chair and executive director (both pro bono) and its project director (parttime, remunerated). The revised structure evolves to a non-executive chair (pro bono) and a funded secretariat comprising a fulltime executive director and parttime project director. Our total funding requirement is estimated at AUD$175,000 per year covering the executive director ($100,000), project director ($50,000) and operating expenses ($25,000). Pro bono & in-kind support covering our three working group convenors, business support services and auspicing are conservatively estimated at $144,600 representing 45% of the full $319,600 budget.


Success will be measured by agreed qualitative and quantitative process and outcome metrics including:

(1) commitment to development partnerships by Australian corporates operating in Asia Pacific,
(2) measurable impact of Australia’s collective development support,
(3) increased project delivery and capacity building success,
(4) greater development project funding levels,
(5) stimulating other countries to adopt cross sector development models, and
(6) alignment with host country development priorities

Profile of Business for Development

Business for Development

At Business for Development our purpose is to help business achieve sustainable development for enhanced outcomes. Our vision is to leave a legacy of sustainable businesses in the communities where we operate.

Business for Development is hosting XSPI’s formative stage for the 18 months to December 2021. An Advisory Council comprising senior executives from the five key stakeholder sectors is currently being established. The current XSPI vision is not to become an NGO or NFP, rather, create the possibility of evolving from an initiative into an alliance of key cross sector stakeholders for impact and outcomes.


TOTAL BUDGET: $350,000
Funding sourceAmount
Probono and other philanthropic funding$144,600
Other philanthropic trusts & foundations (unconfirmed)$155,400
Funding gap (unconfirmed)$50,000
Expense itemAmount
Executive Director (2 years)$200,000
Project Director (2 years)$100,000
Operating expenses$50,000

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