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C-Doc Ltd t/a Castlemaine Documentary Festival

Club C-Doc: Fostering a vibrant regional film culture

Club C-Doc: Fostering a vibrant regional film culture

Club CDoc is a year-round program of mentoring, skills-based workshops and presentations, that encourages and supports amateurs and seasoned filmmakers alike. The pr...





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01/06/2024 > 30/06/2025


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Club CDoc is a year-round program of mentoring, skills-based workshops and presentations, that encourages and supports amateurs and seasoned filmmakers alike. The program enables the supply of fresh new work to be submitted to our “LOCALS” film showcase at the Castlemaine Documentary Festival each year, as well as creating career pathways within our region that otherwise do not exist.

Activism, impact and our sense of meaning, purpose and motivation through difficult times have been recurring themes across the Festival program since its inception. Club C-Doc mounts pop-up events around the year in Castlemaine (Victoria) to exchange ideas and ferment community collaborations in regional film and story-telling.

Through our Club CDoc activities to engage and support film practictioners, we have built a dedicated audience-base the within our region, and are building the connective tissue that is so needed for a vibrant, collaborative creative scene in the regions.

“LOCALS” – now in its third year, was introduced in 2022 as the Opening Night event to showcase local and regional short work. In total, 37 submissions were received and 18 films screened, with the Audience Favorite Award given to a 10 year old for her film, ” Dogs!” Mentoring, skills-based workshops and presentations occur across the year to encourage and support amateurs as well as more-seasoned Practitioners.

These new initiatives also build upon our connections with the schools in our region, our – young families and youth. In turn this engagement becomes the catalyst to encourage further involvement across CDoc’s annual suite of programs, and inspires the next generation of storytellers.

The Festival and Club CDoc’s annual Networking Lunch is now also in its third year is one of these pathways. This opportunity brings together regional and metro practitioners during the festival weekend. It is also attended by festival filmmaking guests. In 2024 the lunch will be attended by a high level representative from Screen Australia – the peak national financing agency – as well as several people from VIcScreen, the state funding agency.   

The networking opportunities provided across the year and including the industry Lunch held during the festival weekend is an additional opportunity for collaboration  between practitioners with different skill-sets  to connect. That it provides a pathway for people whose films have been selected into LOCALS to Club CDoc’s activities is essential to C-Doc Ltd’s vision and mission. 

Now operating year round Club CDoc requires considerable expertise – both curatorial and administrative – to mount bi-monthly workshop events to build skills for our practitioners  In June 2024, C-Doc Ltd will be launching a membership drive to go some way to supporting our operations.

C-Doc’s programs strive to create relationships which lead to mutual and/or reciprocal action. Our programs spring directly from our historical and evidence-based knowledge and understanding within our regional community of how activating connections works successfully. These funds will support the development of Club C-Doc, helping to grow the capacity and skills of both emerging and experience regional filmmakers.


Festivals like Castlemaine Documentary Festival have an important role to play within our democracy. Our preoccupation goes beyond the right of artists to tell their stories, to the right of citizens to access those stories and that is the ground zero that we are in now.

Club CDOC is an industry / sector development initiative of the Castlemaine Documentary Festival, focusing on the goldfields region of Central Victoria. Club CDOC brings together both makers and lovers of documentaries living in our region by providing learning, viewing, networking and collaboration opportunities on a “pop-up” basis over the year. In essence, it is a place for our film community to come together, discuss great storytelling in film and new media, share creative skills and bring about positive and tangible change.

In purchasing a membership, Club CDOC members receive the following benefits:
• Access: 6-months free subscription* to DocPlay, a documentary streaming service.
• Discounts: Enjoy reduced prices on tickets and events.
• Early Bird access to tickets before they’re available to the general public.
• Special Events: Gain exclusive entry to member-only screenings, networking events and discussions.
• Members-Only Newsletter: Stay informed with updates and stories curated just for you.
The annual subscription is $45/ $35 and First Nations members are free.

One key outcome of Club CDOC is that it aims to supporting local talent and promote those working in the documentary and allied industries through it activities. We are passionate about supporting local and regional filmmakers. Our LOCALS program at the Festival shines a spotlight on homegrown talent. Whether experienced or first-time filmmakers, participants receive support through workshops and networking opportunities throughout the year. We also host an annual Club CDOC media industry lunch held during the Festival. This event fosters networking and collaboration within the media industry both metro and regionally.

A core aspect of Club CDOC is that it fosters partnership with our community. Club CDoc events are hosted in collaboration with local venues like the Theatre Royal, Northern Arts Hotel, and Shed Shaker. We actively seek feedback from our community to ensure our activities resonate and inspire. This local connection builds audience awareness, drives innovation, and fuels the creativity of filmmakers.

We also consider Club CDOC to be a catalyst for change, with its programs often serving as catalysts for community action and public education. By highlighting pressing issues and advocating for change, we aim to make a positive impact. Our events inspire audiences to think deeply, act locally, and engage globally.

Club CDoc is more than just a series of events; it’s a thriving community. It reflects CDoc Ltd’s commitment to adapting and innovating while maintaining the core values of in-person contact and the intimacy of shared experiences.

Profile of C-Doc Ltd t/a Castlemaine Documentary Festival

C-Doc Ltd t/a Castlemaine Documentary Festival

C-Doc’s vision is to touch the lives of our audiences in meaningful and tangible ways, to build a more informed and engaged society through documentary events designed to explore lived-experience stories, and the stories behind the stories, together.

The Castlemaine Documentary Festival (C-Doc) is our flagship, annual event, held during mid-winter at Castlemaine’s iconic Theatre Royal in Central Victoria.

C-Doc’s programs celebrate diversity and profile the issues of our time – from the local to the global, past and present. Our programs serve as catalysts for community action and public education with the intention of making a positive contribution and difference.

C-Doc is deeply embedded in Central Victorian creativity and activism, continually evolving with new initiatives designed to build upon our connections with our community - the schools in our region, our young families and youth, as well as our media practitioners.

C-Doc’s mission is also to keep citizens engaged, informed, and participating. Storytellers and artists are world builders - they help all of us imagine a more just, more equitable society.

C-Doc believes that storytelling is embedded into the fabric of community and real stories can create empathetic pathways for that connection to work. We offer programs that expose our audiences to different opinions, positions and experiences, and provide a welcoming and safe discussion forum around often hard-to-talk-about social issues. We provide real conversations with real people.

C-Doc’s impact is not just during the festival itself, but through a year-round program of mentoring, skills-based workshops and presentations via Club CDoc, that encourages and supports amateurs and seasoned filmmakers alike..
We are governed by an experienced Board of Directors, many with extensive backgrounds in delivering events, strategic planning, corporate governance and risk management. Before becoming incorporated in December 2018, the Castlemaine Documentary Festival had already been running successfully for four years. 2024 heralds a ten-year milestone for C-Doc.

Any grants will be auspiced by the Foundation for Regional and Rural Renewal.


Funding sourceAmount
Funding gap (unconfirmed)$20,000
Expense itemAmount
Program administrator (4hr/week over 48 weeks)$9,600
Strategy & curation (2hr/week over 48 weeks)$5,400
Workshop facilitator fee$3,000

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