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Baabayn Aboriginal Corporation



Baabayn aims to follow the past two very successful years in preparing a group of Aboriginal women (50+) who are in ill health and who have endured many traum...

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01/02/2022 > 31/07/2022


  • Indigenous communities
  • Individual/family services & support


  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Peoples
  • People experiencing socio-economic disadvantage or vulnerability


Baabayn aims to follow the past two very successful years in preparing a group of Aboriginal women (50+) who are in ill health and who have endured many traumas in their lives to train and attend the Aboriginal Elders Olympics.

We do this because we have seen the benefits of such a program to a group of women who spend a great deal of time caring for others, including bringing up grandchildren. Once a week in the lead up to the Olympics the women gather at our centre to practise exercises which are aimed at falls protection and training for the various games, which include walking relays, accuracy in throwing tennis balls, netballs and bean bags, playing quoits and marching behind the banner they have designed.

During their time at the Olympics the women meet with other Aboriginal people to rekindle old friendships. In all the activities they participate in there is much joy and laughter which absorbs their minds and takes them out of their worries for a short but valuable time.

The Olympics also involves the community who follow them on Facebook and send messages of encouragement. Their participation becomes a community event that spills over into inspiration of the younger family members and others in the community and encourages them to move outside themselves and try something new.


We expect the out come of this project to result in happier, healthier and more connected elderly women in our community. We know from past participation that the women are so proud of their achievements in participating although they never expect to be winners. We also expect that the community who support them will admire their courage and determination and be encouraged to also make a difference in their own lives. The anticipation and lead up to this event is an often mentioned topic of conversation and planning and excitement. The fact that they as a group travel out of their place of living brings amazing joy in their lives.

Profile of Baabayn Aboriginal Corporation

Baabayn Aboriginal Corporation

Baabayn Aboriginal Corporation was founded by five Aboriginal women in 2012 with the aim of making a difference in their community. These women have lived in the community most of their lives and understand the situations Aboriginal people find themselves in. Beginning with no funding but a lot of faith the women sought out received support in the form of volunteers and donors who believed in their vision. Baabayn now employs 6 part time Aboriginal workers, runs a weekly Family Gathering, Young Mothers Group, two healing groups, a Homework club and a Youth group for teenage girls.

The weekly family gathering (mostly elders) is open to other local service providers such as health, mental health, centrelink, legal, police, education, etc. to give input to the group regarding services available. The Baabayn venue is open every day of the week to support community when they need help with housing applications, financial advice, counselling from a Psychologist, prisons, court, schools and in relationships to Government Departments.

Baabayn also runs a weekend at the beach for disadvantaged families, a Christmas party, NAIDOC day, and Mt Druitt Says No to Ice day. Everyone is welcome and Baabayn has become a place to come to find belonging, non-judgement and healing. Baabayn currently has a community garden project in progress with intention to grow native plants and construct a bough shelter where people can meet as was used in earlier days.


Funding sourceAmount
Fundraising by elders (unconfirmed)$500
Funding gap (unconfirmed)$6,000
Expense itemAmount
Contribution to cost of shirts$500


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