On Thursday 18 July, the Arts and Culture Interest Group came together at the Community of Giving for a conversation with the Melbourne Writers Festival. The conversation gave special insight into how the Melbourne Writers Festival pulls together such an awe-inspiring lineup of artists, authors and events each year. The thoughtful curation of the festival is essential to providing experiences, to audiences and artists alike, that are entertaining, revelatory and most importantly, memorable.

It was great to hear from Marieke about how she works with artists to find the right moderators, the importance of sincere artist care (irrespective of tight budgets) and how she’s engaging younger audiences in longform writing with a classic tactic of “hiding the peas in the mashed potatoes”.

Celebrating words and the myriad ways we use them, including through non-traditional storytelling, brings us all a little closer to finding our own means for expressing the stories we hold dear. We can’t wait to see the literary playground at the State Library come to life at this year’s Melbourne Writers Festival.

Reading recommendations
In case you’re interested, we noted down a few of the  titles that came up in the conversation.