Impact Fund: Supporting Indigenous Communities

Investing in Indigenous led solutions.

Supporting Indigenous led projects, initiatives and collaborations that strengthen communities, culture, lands and resources.

The need

Australian Indigenous disadvantage and inequality is of significant concern to many Australians and Australian Communities Foundation donors.

The recent Closing the Gap report, released in 2017, indicated that in all but one area (Year 12 finishing rates) our government was not on track to meet Closing the Gap 2030 targets. This includes areas of child mortality, literacy and numeracy, employment, and life expectancy. Whilst incarceration rates are the highest per capita worldwide.

Studies show that when Indigenous people have control over their lives and communities, and have the capacity to put an end to their disadvantage, it is the single most important factor for successful community and economic development.

Funding focus

To fund Indigenous led projects, initiatives and collaborations that redress inequalities in Australia for Indigenous communities and individuals. The funding also seeks to promote a cultural justice approach by promoting the rich, diverse and precious cultures and traditions of Indigenous people. The Fund aims to support Indigenous people and organisations.

Previous Impact Fund investments

In 2017, the Impact Fund supported the following important projects.

Country Needs People – Calling for more Indigenous rangers and Indigenous Protected Areas (auspiced by the Conservation Council of South Australia) ($150,000 over 3 years 2017 – 2019)

Journey to Give, Stand, Respect Initiative ($10,000  2018)

A philanthropic collaboration that engages Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders on the potential of the Uluru Statement to better understand the direction Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders and communities want to head following the Australian Government’s recent rejection of key parts of the Statement, and the potential for the Statement to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and advance economic and cultural rights.