Impact Fund: Safeguarding the Environment

Protecting and preserving our living environment.

Prevention and mitigation of harm as well as the protection and preservation of our environment.

The need

Many living environments in Australia are under threat by pollution, climate change, habitat destruction and over-exploitation of natural resources.

As a nation, we not only boast some of the most precious environments on earth, we are also feeling the impacts of climate change in an economy that traditionally relies on natural resources. As the debate becomes more politicised, and governments move away from targets, it is increasingly important that philanthropy continue to promote environmental sustainable solutions.

Funding focus

The Impact Fund aims to support healthy ecosystems and the communities that live within them through nine key areas:

  1.   Marine environment
  2.   Sustainable cities and communities
  3.   Agriculture and food systems
  4.   Climate change and energy
  5.   Land and its biodiversity
  6.   Indigenous land and sea management
  7.   Inland water systems
  8.   Toxics and pollution
  9.   A sustainable economy

The Fund will also seek to support campaigns and strategies that encourage Australia’s role as a global, environmentally responsible citizen to meet agreed international targets (COP21- 2030) and climate change transitions that are just and equitable.

Previous Impact Fund investments

In 2017, the Impact Fund supported the following important projects.

Climate Council – Winning the national energy debate ($148,500 over 3 years 2017 – 2019)

Australian Marine Conservation Society – Saving the reef by choosing coral over coal ($60,000 over 3 years 2017 – 2019)