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The Issue » The extent to which money has infiltrated our political process, and the non-transparent influence of corporate lobbying, is an issue of growing concern for many Australians. It is a bi-partisan problem which is leading to increasing disillusionment with the democratic process, and with our institutions of government. Democracy For Sale aims to shine a light on some of these challenges as well as illuminate ways to improve fairness, transparency and confidence in our democratic system.

The Project » Democracy For Sale is an upcoming social impact documentary that follows actor and comedian Christiaan Van Vuuren (Soul Mates; Bondi Hipsters) as he pulls back the curtain on the relationship between money and power in Australia. Provocative and timely, the film is a wakeup call to all Australians about the frightening extent to which money has infiltrated politics in our country, why we should care, and ultimately, how we might work together to ensure our democracy is safeguarded from sale to the highest bidder. The film brings together the diverse skill sets of an accomplished creative team that uses comedy as a tool to inform and effect positive social change.

More details to follow in the forthcoming Impact Fund 2019 Prospectus.

Shark Island Institute (Partner) is a purpose-driven business that makes and supports films seeking to have a positive social impact. Based in Sydney, the Institute develops stories that need to be told and nurtures long-term impact campaigns with a diverse cross-section of the community to achieve a more inclusive, just and healthy society. One of Shark Island’s major initiatives is Good Pitch Australia.

Jungle Entertainment (Producer) is an Australian production company that produces critically and commercially successful television and feature films for both the domestic and international markets.

Craig Reucassel (Director) is an Australian television and radio comedian, who is best known for the documentary series, War on Waste, and for his work with the satirical comedy group, The Chaser. Craig brings a wealth of experience and an impressive track record in delivering engaging content and impact campaigns that raise awareness, change behaviour and influence the policy arena.

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Total ask: $150,000
Pledged: $150,000
Remaining funds required: $0

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