Named sub-funds allow you to put a name on your giving.

They can be named after individuals, families, organisations or have their own unique identity.

A named sub-fund operates as a management account for the purpose of tracking donations and grants attributed to a donor or a cause. Donors can choose to establish a sub-fund in any of the trust funds operated and managed by Australian Communities Foundation.

How to set up a Sub-fund

Setting up a sub-fund is easy!
You start by completing an establishment form and making an initial donation of at least $20,000. There is no upper limit.
All applications are taken to the Australian Communities Foundation Board for approval.
Once approved, you’ll receive a confirmation letter that the sub-fund has been established including a receipt for your initial donation, a signed copy of the establishment form and a welcome pack.

Next steps

To talk about establishing a sub-fund, please call 03 9412 0412 or email us at


Click here to download an establishment form.
Establishment Form

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