Using our scale, ACF is able to charge minimal fees compared to the costs of establishing and maintaining a private foundation. Sub-fund fees are set by the ACF Board and aim to strike a balance between ACF’s commitment to accessible and cost-effective philanthropy and to ensuring the ongoing sustainability of the organisation.

ACF Donors have access to an array of personalised philanthropic planning, advisory, grantmaking and investment management services. In exchange for these services, ACF charges two fees, a Donor Administration & Support Fee and an Investment Management Fee.

Donor Administration & Support Fee

The Donor Administration & Support Fee is an annual fee, deducted monthly. ACF has a cumulative, tiered administration fee structure. Fees are assessed based on sub-fund balances. The breakdown of the administration fee is as follows:

Balance Fee
Assets up to $500,000 2.2%
Next $500,000 – $1M 2.0%
Next $1M – $2.5M 1.0%
Assets over $2.5M 0.5%


Gumnut Accounts pay an annual fee of 1.2%, deducted monthly.

Not-for-profit sub-funds pay an annual fee of 1.2% on balances up to $1M, deducted monthly. Once a Not-for-profit sub-fund reaches a balance of $1M, the fee will follow the arrangements described for sub-funds in the table above.

Not-for-profit sub-funds, are funds established by a not-for-profit organisation. The not-for-profit needs to have full DGR Status and be registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). They can only grant back to themselves and they are limited to one grant per annum – hence they have a lower fee.

Investment Management Fee

ACF’s Investment Manager is JBWere. ACF charges Gumnut Accounts and sub-funds a tiered, annual Investment Management Fee of 0.5% of capital on its pool of funds up to the value of $30 million and 0.3% of capital on the balance of funds over $30 million. This fee is deducted monthly.

Additional Information

  • ACF does not charge establishment fees or grantmaking fees.
  • Sub-funds that require additional administration support for activities such as research, flow-through grantmaking or fundraising may incur additional fees. ACF negotiates additional charges based on a case-by-case basis with the Sub-fund holder before any work is undertaken.