In Memoriam

Ruth Dixon

Ruth Dixon established the Dumbarton Fund with ACF in March 2010 and was an active member of our donor community. She was a passionate supporter of micro credit and water projects in developing countries, homelessness and affordable housing programs in Australia and girls’ education locally and overseas.

One of Ruth’s favourite projects was the Centre for Multicultural Youth’s Homework Club Initiative which provides educational opportunities for disadvantaged young people in underserviced areas of Victoria.

After Ruth died, her nephew advised us that Ruth had left a substantial bequest to ‘her beloved ACF Fund’ so that her giving legacy can continue.

Joan Nelson (McLennan)

Joan Nelson established the Joan and David Harper McLennan sub-fund in 2008, with a focus on supporting social justice.

St Mary’s House of Welcome in Fitzroy received significant support from Joan which enabled St Mary’s clients to access valuable pre-employment classes in food preparation and serving.

Joan died in February 2014, and ACF was the major beneficiary of her will. In keeping with Joan’s last wishes to continue her legacy, funds from the Joan and David Harper McLennan sub-fund will support social justice projects.

Bequest Honour Roll

We thank our donors and their families for their generosity and contribution to social, environmental, cultural and economic justice through their bequest.

Lotti Bench

Ruth Dixon

Joan Nelson

Nicholas Edwin Renton

John Richardson

Agnes Robertson

Betty Sims

Dianne Lesley Young