The projects below have been curated by the great people and organisations at the Community of Giving. There is something to inspire everyone, from environmental and international causes, to arts and culture programs and support for children and young people.

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ARCHIE ROACH FOUNDATION | Arts & Culture; Youth Justice

Established in 2014, The Archie Roach Foundation seeks to walk alongside those working in the arts and young people heading down the wrong track just like Archie was, to support them to be the best that they can be. Archie knows what it means to have someone walk beside you at key crossroads in your life; to help point you in a deadly direction and empower you to take the next positive step. He also understands the power of music and storytelling to communicate, connect and heal and is committed to helping others share their story which creates a stronger, more cohesive culturally respectful national story.

The Foundation is developing a suite of teaching and learning resources centred around Archie’s songs starting with his iconic song, Took The Children Away. The Foundation is seeking to use Archie’s story and music as a way of connecting with young Australians and helping them to understand the past and embrace a shared future, walking forward together in reconciliation.



BERRY STREET | Children and Young People

Established in 1877, Berry Street is Victoria’s largest independent child and family services organisation. All children have the same rights and fundamental need for safety, stability, love and support. Berry Street is committed to ensuring that traumatised children and young people have a safe and secure place to live through foster, kinship and residential care services. Every year, Berry Street provide gifts to the children and young people in their care. These children have suffered from violence, abuse and neglect and can no longer live safely at home. Some have never known the joy of Christmas. Berry Street have set up an online giving portal where you can choose gifts and services for children in need.





Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal | Emergency Relief

FRRR has a long history of supporting disaster preparedness and assisting affected communities to recover. To date they have, for example, facilitated support to communities preparing for disaster events and recovering from the 2019 Queensland floods, Cyclones Debbie and Larry, the Victoria Black Saturday Bushfires of 2009, and the ongoing drought in parts of every state in Australia. More frequent and intense climate disasters, such as the fires occurring right now, mean they need to be more proactive in funding communities to assist with their preparedness activities and building resilience, and to have funds available to support them through the medium to long-term aftermath of a disaster. Donations to the fund can be earmarked to go towards recovery from the NSW and Queensland fires.



GREENFLEET | Environment

Recent studies show that planting billions of trees across the world is one of the biggest and cheapest ways of taking CO2 out of the atmosphere to tackle the climate crisis. As trees grow, they absorb and store the carbon dioxide emissions that are driving global heating.  Greenfleet is a leading not-for-profit environmental organisation on a mission to protect our climate by restoring our forests. Taking direct action, Greenfleet plant native biodiverse forests to offset carbon emissions on behalf of individuals and businesses and help fight the impacts of climate change. Greenfleet forests address critical deforestation, capture carbon emissions to protect our climate, reduce soil erosion, improve water quality and restore habitat for wildlife, including many endangered species. Since 1997, they have planted more than 9.2 million native trees across 500 biodiverse forests in Australia and New Zealand.





ACF IMPACT FUND | Environment, Indigenous Australians, Democracy and Inequality

The Impact Fund inspires investments in bold solutions to the biggest issues facing Australia today. It harnesses the power of collective giving to build momentum and accelerate progress to tip the scales towards positive social change. Established in 2016 the Impact Fund aims to be a collaborative vehicle to promote social change philanthropy. The Fund seeks evidence-based projects that are scalable or which have the potential for wide impact and application. This could include research projects that help to shine a light on national issues; new approaches to tackling complex issues affecting Australian communities; supporting pilot projects, scaling-up programs or tailoring of successful local approaches.





UNHCR | International

Winter is coming to Syria and neighbouring countries, threatening to compound the suffering of millions of families displaced by the fighting in Syria and Iraq. Living in tents, makeshift settlements, urban slums and abandoned buildings, they will struggle to keep warm and dry as temperatures drop to below -10 degrees Celsius and the region is lashed by heavy rain and snow. UNHCR have been preparing for months through their Winter Survival Fund to ensure basic survival items, heating packs and cash assistance to vulnerable families and individuals.






VACCA’s purpose is supporting culturally strong, safe and thriving Aboriginal communities. Together with the Aboriginal community, they design, develop and deliver over 50 programs in Victoria servicing children, young people, families and community members. Programs include early years support, family and children support, youth services, cultural strengthening programs, community support, family violence support and prevention, and justice support. This year they are collecting thousands of Christmas presents for Aboriginal children and young people in foster care, kinship care, residential care and in their programs.




If you would like to make a grant from your sub-fund to any of these organisations, please drop us an email over the Christmas break and we will make the grant on your behalf in the new year; if you don’t have a sub-fund you can give directly to the cause you choose.