Fundraising for an ACF sub-fund or Gumnut Account is a great way to get it growing! ACF welcomes fundraising activities but care must be taken to comply with various laws and to make sure the public are not mislead as to what they are supporting.

To start fundraising, follow the steps below.

ACF’s Marketing & Fundraising Kit explains everything you need to know from seeking approval for your fundraising event to ideas for designing a logo. Download the Kit here.

All fundraising activities must have prior approval from ACF. To obtain authority, complete and sign the ACF Authority to Fundraise Application which also accepts the Fundraising Terms and Conditions. Make sure you leave enough time for ACF to review and assess your application prior to the event.
Once your Authority to Fundraise Application has been processed, we will send you an official Authority to Fundraise letter to confirm that we have received your details and are happy for you to proceed.
If you intend to create promotional material for the event or activity, please provide the proposed material to ACF for approval.
Hold the event or undertake the activity which will support a great cause.
After the activity, don’t forget to deposit the proceeds via the Fundraising Donations Portal.
Once the activity is over and you’ve banked the proceeds, it’s time to submit the financial report to ACF. This must be done within 14 days of conclusion of the fundraising activity. Please note ,if you do not comply and send ACF an acquittal of your activity no further fundraising authorities will be approved.

What about online fundraising?

If you would like to undertake online fundraising, ACF has an agreement in place with Everyday Hero.

The benefit of using Everyday Hero is that donations are processed through a secure payment gateway and receipts are automatically emailed to donors. All funds are then received directly into the sub-fund.

Note, donors are not permitted to enter into any agreements with other 3rd party fundraising providers without gaining prior approval from ACF.

If you have received your approval to fundraise from ACF and would like to start fundraising online, please visit Everyday Hero and create your account.


ACF allows donors to produce published and electronic material on sub-funds and Gumnut Accounts to help in attracting funding and donations. When marketing a sub-fund or Gumnut Account, it’s important that the legal requirements are met.

The ACF Marketing & Fundraising Kit outlines these requirements and provides example wording to help get you started. You can find the kit here.

For a quick reference guide to ACF’s marketing requirements, download the ACF Marketing Requirements Fact Sheet.