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Getting the Most From Your New Fund – A Quick Guide

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Hosted by Australian Communities Foundation
25 July 2024

This is a special opportunity for recently opened Funds to gain expert insights from our team to better understand your Fund’s operations and how to make the most of our giving community.

After only one hour online, you will better understand:

  • How to use your Fund Portal
  • Granting processes and timelines
  • Key Fund activities e.g. expenses, fundraising
  • Where to go for support and advice
  • Ways to engage with our giving community

Our webinar will also include a Q&A session to address any additional questions you may have.

This event will take place online at 12pm AEST on Thursday 25 July.

Please RSVP at your earliest convenience and feel free to reach out with any questions.

Event information

Thursday 25 July
12pm – 1pm AEST



This session is open to Australian Communities Foundation fundholders. Contact us to register.