Impact Fund grantee Alliance for Gambling Reform celebrating recent progress


Inaugural Impact Fund grantee, the Alliance for Gambling Reform, is celebrating recent wins in its campaign for divestment from poker machines and for gambling reform more broadly. The first of these wins came in March this year when supermarket giant Coles announced it had offloaded its pokies business in a new joint-venture deal. After forming [...]

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Getting philanthropy to ‘yoga status’


In an article for Pro Bono News, Louise Kuramoto, Head of Philanthropy & Impact, shares five lessons the Australian Communities Foundation learned from a recent trip to the United States. "It’s often said that philanthropic practice in the US is years ahead of Australia. It’s been a point of contention for many of us who [...]

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‘Philanthropy can help drive complacent or unimaginative governments to think differently about issues’: Peter McMullin


The twin themes of community and collective effort have underpinned Peter McMullin’s philanthropic journey for as long as he can remember. “I’ve always been involved in community life,” Peter says, “so the transition from community engagement to philanthropy felt like a fairly seamless one over time.” The convergence of Peter’s personal and professional roles is [...]

‘Philanthropy can help drive complacent or unimaginative governments to think differently about issues’: Peter McMullin2019-06-27T21:05:54+00:00

The Anna Rose and Simon Sheikh Family Fund


“My husband Simon and I have both cared about social and environment justice since we were kids. I grew up in a farming family and when I was fourteen the millennium drought shook me to the core, leading me to get involved in climate change activism. My first campaign was against a proposed new BHP [...]

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Tackling Inequality Donor Circle with ACF funders


The Tackling Inequality Donor Circle on Tuesday 7 May was quite the learning experience. The discussion made it very clear that there is immense value in bringing legal services into health settings. Thanks to our funders for showing a keen interest in exploring new ways of achieving justice both systematically and at a grassroots level. Also, a big [...]

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Rewarding philanthropy is about learning


Agile and respectful philanthropy that centres on partnerships and community brings about better outcomes for everyone involved. Jackie Yowell from the Fairer Futures Fund has experienced this firsthand since she established her fund with ACF more than ten years ago.

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Safeguarding the Environment with ACF funders


The first environment donor circle for 2019 gave important context to the current state of climate activism. It was especially great to hear positive and hopeful perspectives from the experts, from young leaders like #SchoolsStrike4Climate representative Anica, and from our guests. If you're interested in supporting the work of the organisations that were involved in the [...]

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‘By establishing the Fund, we are able to keep our beautiful girl’s name alive’


The Morgan Mansell Fund, the 300th sub-fund to be established at Australian Communities Foundation. The Fund is designed to raise funds and make annual grants that support research associated with Morgan’s health issues, particularly melanoma which remains the most common cancer in young Australians aged 15-39.

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Fund profile: Family Life Foundation


For those of you who don’t know Family Life, it is a community service organisation working with disadvantaged children, families and communities across the southern Melbourne region. Through services, support and connections, Family Life’s purpose is to transform lives for stronger communities. The organisation, which has been serving communities for close to 50 years, develops [...]

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Reading List: April 2019


With the Stella Prize announcement on Tuesday April 9th, the first title on our recommended reading list for April is The Erratics by Vicki Laveau-Harvie. Excitingly, we also saw the release of Mary Hoban's book, the biography An Unconventional Wife: the life of Julia Sorell Arnold. Mary was the inaugural winner of the Hazel Rowley Fellowship Prize and [...]

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