Joining us after her appearance at Progress 2019, Anat shared expert messaging strategies for meaningful and helpful communications with a number of ACF funders, trusts and foundations.

Later this year, Anat will be lending her expertise to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Messaging ProjectThe project will bring together First Nations people and messaging experts to build (and share) a persuasive new narrative, and the words that work to build public and political support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander self-determination and justice.

Australian Communities Foundation is really excited by the potential of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Messaging Project after learning about the profound impact that has stemmed from narrative-shifting campaigns in recent years, including those that Anat has worked on in both Australia (when it comes to people seeking asylum) and the US (such as the Greater than Fear campaign).

Australian Progress is building a coalition of funders to support the project early on, who will be kept closely in the loop as research unfolds. A significant commitment from one philanthropic partner came shortly after the workshop took place, and you’re invited to contribute to fill the funding gap that will ensure this project’s success.

Funds will go towards the first stage of the project – the First Nations Message Research Fellowship for 15-20 First Nations communicators, journalists and leaders working across a diversity of issues including housing, environment and education. The aim is to kick-off in October 2019.

Thanks to The Centre for Australian Progress (Progress) for partnering on this event, and a huge thanks to our speakers: Anat Shenker-Osorio, Larissa Baldwin (GetUp!), Jackie Huggins AM (National Congress), Karrina Nolan (Original Power) and Kirsty Albion (Progress).

For information on how to support the Indigenous Messaging Project directly, or to make a grant request, please get in touch with the Philanthropy & Impact team at Australian Communities Foundation.