123 Fund

Abbotsford Convent Fund

Abercromby’s Charitable Fund

ACF Staff Fund

Agnes Robertson Fund

Alf & Meg Steel Fund

Alice Sloan Fund

Alison Patrick Memorial Fund

Allaway Lancashire Fund

AMCS Charitable Fund

Amicus Curiae Fidelis

Amos Family Account

Anna Rose & Simon Sheikh Family Fund

Anna Wearne Fund

Annette Lowe Fund

Antoinette and John Richardson Memorial Fund

Apollo Fund

A Peace of the Pie

Ardoch Future Fund

Ashworth Family Fund

Assia Altman Fund

Australian Childrens Education Fund

Australian Disability and Indigenous Peoples’ Education Fund (ADIPEF)

Australian Learning Lecture Fund

Avalon Circle

B B & A Miller Fund

Baird Family Fund

Ballandry Fund

Barry Prior Humanitarian Fund

Beecher Family Charitable Fund

Beeton Family Fund

Bell Family Fund

Benjamin Fund

Berry Fund

Better Tomorrow Fund

Beyond Me

BFG Charitable Account


Bradley-Weightman Charitable Fund

Bridging Opportunities

Brockman-Munn Fund

Carreker Community Fund

Cassanga Fund

Cassanga Fund (Ext)

Charles D’Aprano Award Fund

Charles David Fund

Chaskett Fund

Cherie Millar Education Fund

Children First Future Miracles Fund

Clack Family Memorial Fund

Clare Murphy Fund

Clarence Community Fund

Clay Gardner Charitable Fund

Clemenger Staff Fund

Clive St

Connie & Craig Kimberley Fund


Curlew Fund

David Boykett Tall Ships Voyaging Fund

David Jolley Leadership Award

Davie Family Fund


Demeter Legacy Fund

Dennoch Fund

Diabetes Victoria

Digger & Shirley Martin Environment Fund

Dina Grollo Community Fund


Dominic & Anne Gallace Family Fund

Dominic Gianni Fund

Dominica Whelan Endowment

Dorrie Alcock Memorial Fund

Dumbarton Fund

Durrabool Fund

Eastern Health Charitable Fund

EastWeb Fund

Education Support Fund

EM Horton Family Fund

Enviro Warriers

Equal Access Fund

Espero Fund

Eve & Bill Chandler Fund

Fairer Futures Fund

Fairness Fund

Family Life Fund 

Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership Fund

FG Advisory Charitable Fund

FGM Charitable Fund

Farrall and Nolan Family Account

Felicity Hampel Making a Difference Fund

Four Eleven Seven

Friends of Coolart  

Fund Positive Futures

Geddes Nairn Development Fund

Geostudies  Fund

Global Gardens of Peace

Global Leadership Fund

Goulburn Valley Medical Workforce Fund

Graduate Women Victoria

Greg Larsen Family Fund

Grieve Family Fund

Grigg Family Fund

Grummitt Family Fund

Guddaa Fund

Gumnut One*

Halstead Freshi

Hamer Family Fund

Hardman Family Fund

Hart Line Fund

Hazel Rowley Literary Fund

Heartwood Fund

Heather Watkins Memorial Fund

Henkell Family Fund

Henkell Family Fund 2

Henry Stein Fund

Herbert and Inge Littauer Fund

Hilary Dixon and John Dempster

Hobsons Bay Community Fund

Holding Redlich Social Justice Fund

Homeward Bound Projects Fund

Homework Club Partnership Fund

Hopetoun Fund

Howard McGeary Charitable Fund

IM and SK Families Fund

Impact 100 SA

Impact 100 Sydney North

Impact 100 Tasmania

Impact 100 WA

Isabella and Marcus Paediatric Brainstem Tumour Fund

James Family Fund

Jared Dunscombe Fund

Jax Acacia Fund

Jean Vincent Fund

Jenni Chandler Fund

John and Eileen Clark Family Fund

John Cummins Memorial Fund

Johnstone Gumption Fund

Joy Mavis Schwartz-Seidler Musical Scholarship

JRA Support Fund

Jude Fox Bursary Fund

Judy Glick 

Juliet Allen Fund

Jump Start

Juno Fund

Katrina’s Sparkle Fund

Keith & Jeannette Ince Fund

Kenneth Myer Fellowship Fund

Kirkham Family Fund

Koondee Woonga-Gat Toor-Rong Fund

Koshland Innovation Fund

Krils Fund

Kristian Fredrikson Scholarship

KSR Accommodation Scholarship Fund

Kylee Farrell Lung Fund


Levy Family Fund

Lily Calvert Memorial Fund

Linh Do Fund

Lois Bryson

Macmar Fund

Macston Social Endeavour

Malcolm Broomhead

Mangala Fund


Maramingo Fund

Maritzburg College Fund

Mary & David Fund

Mary Perrottet Fund

Mary-Lou Reid Memorial Fund

Maude Hargrave Fund

Maureen Considine Fund

Mayer Morris Family Fund

McGregor Family Fund

McMillan Family Fund

Melanie Holden Memorial Sub Fund

Melbourne Airport Community Fund

Melbourne Writers Festival Fund

Melliodora Fund

Metta Fund

Michael Keith Halprin Fund

Miette Skiller Scholarship Fund

Miller Fund



Morgan Mansell Fund

Morris Family Fund

Morris Family Fund Extension

Muna Rahman

Mundy-Westall ‘Moment-in-Time’ Fund

N E Renton Bequest

N E Renton Family Fund

Nash Family Fund

NG Family Fund

Nicholas R Taylor Fund


NSW Chinese Community Bushfire Appeal

Omi-Albers Fund

One Tomorrow Charitable Fund

O’Nibbs Gumnut

O’Shea-Thompson Family Fund

Palliative Care Victoria

Pandora Kay and John Larkins Creativity Fund

Parsons and Nathan Gumnut

Paterson Family Fund

Pathfinders Research Fund

Phyllis Budd Fund

Pine Grove

Pitcher Partners Charitable Fund

Pomegranate Fund

Positive Ideas Group

Quercus Fund


Ralph & Betty Sims Fund

Rana and Alan Fund

Reve Fund

RO Fund

Roan Lyddy-Meaney Fund

Robert Connor Dawes Fund

Rod and Pamela  Wells Community Fund

Ron Castan Education Fund

Ros & Elsie Garnet Memorial Fund

Running Waters Fund

S R Marzano Community Fund

Sally Browne Fund

Sally Isaac Memorial Scholarship Fund

Sally Oatley Memorial Fund

Sandcastle Projects

Semaphore Fund

Seymour District Charitable Fund

Scarlet’s Fund

Silver Gold Fund

Slater & Gordon Community Fund

Slater & Gordon Health Projects & Research Fund

Smith & Sheppard Fund

Social Justice Fund

South Eastern Primary Care Fund

Southern General Practice Education Fund

Spend it Well Fund

St Mark’s Anglican Church Fitzroy Choral Scholarship Fund

Stanley Family Fund

Story Street Fund

Strachan Clan Seil Fund

Stubbs and White Charitable Fund

Sunning Hill Fund

Sunshine and Crocodile Fund

Surgeons Impact Fund

Sylvia Fisher Fund

Taines Fund

Tan Family Fund


Tasmanian Walking Company Fund

Team Miller

The Caroline Durre’ Sub Fund

The Clements Fund

The Gadient Family Fund

The Gruppetto Fund

The Gruppetto Fund Extension

The GSV Family History Research & Education Fund

The Lane Family Fund

The Ngaruk Fund

The Relief Fund for First Nations Communities

The Ripple Fund

The TAP Fund

THF Fund

Thomas Family Fund

Thu Giang Nguyen Fund

Tony Adams Fund

Trikojus Education Fund


Two Cents Fund

Unico Community Fund


Vanraay Family Fund

Vicki Standish Family Fund

Vilde Family Fund

Wa Initiative

Wahroonga Fund

Walker Wayland Australasia Fund

Wanless Family Fund

Wealth Mentoring Group Fund

Webb Family Fund

Wellington Community Fund

Westgate Health Charitable Fund

Westwood Group Charitable Fund

Will & Lucy Martin Fund

Williams Fund

Windarra Fund


Women’s Health Victoria Fund

Woolley Family Fund 

Worrowing Fund

Zalewski Fund